Clash of Clans – 7 Most Important Tips for the Gameplay

  1. Save Your Gems

When you start the game, you have a good set of 500 gems in your satchel, but by the time you complete your tutorial, you are left with 450 gems. Using gems during tutorials is simply a waste of gems. These gems can be used for adding extra builders.

You will need

250 gems for Builder 2

500 more gems for Builder 3

1000 more gems for builder 4

2000 more gems for builder 5

When you start the game, you are at the level of builder 1 and by the time you are done with your tutorial, you can have builder 2. Getting builder 3 is quite easy and can be added with some meticulous efforts, but getting builder 4 and builder 5 are quite difficult. You need to be a smart player for it.

  1. Making Use Of Cheap Units

Every player is in a hurry to fight battles and complete the levels and in this race they end up losing their valuable moves and units. Considering the cost of the units you put to use for fighting battles is an important concept. Barbarians can be used for simple battles while you can save Giants for bigger battles to come.

  1. Use Spells Only When in Desperate Need

Spells are very costly and you need to wait for a good amount of time to produce them. It is always advised to be more considerate and smart, while bringing them into use. Use them only when it is necessary. They are just like the units and you need to be careful while using them. Keeping them safe for difficult levels is always a good idea.

  1. Keep Upgrading Your Town Hall

It is a hidden fact about the game. The game has no clue provided for this. It is not even mentioned in the tutorials. The Town Hall Loot Penalty is one good power for scoring more in less time. This loot penalty saves you from getting looted frequently by looters. You can make use of this power-up for saving your town from bigger lootings.

  1. Early Match Making Is Important

When you start playing Clash of Clans for the first three days, you are safe from lootings. You can drop the shield of your town and do match making, without getting looted. It is always considered to be a good idea. You can make a good number of match makings in the earlier session/days of the game.

  1. Using Next Feature More Frequently

When you have attacked a base and feel like the base is all clear, then clicking on the ‘Next’ button will only leverage you with the option to move to next base and start killing as fast as you can. Using more frequent use of Next button will allow you to clear more bases with great frequency.

  1. Focus On Elixir

By the time you reach the seventh level, you will understand the importance of Dark Elixir and it will become important to keep an eye on it. Keeping an eye on Dark Elixir is always advised, because it is something that will keep you intact, in the game, even when you run out of all other resources.

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