GTA 5 Online – Working Money Glitch Post 1.13 Patch

It is tough to earn a lot of money in the online version of Los Santos.

Having to play a ton of hours, just to get your desired estate or vehicle can sometimes be a hassle. However, players are always looking for various ways to exploit the system. Even though Rockstar is constantly bringing new updates, there is almost always a way to find a working money glitch in GTA 5 Online. Even though it requires quite a bit of tinkering with, we would like to share with you the latest post 1.13 patches, vehicle duplication glitch. You can use it to start off in Grand Theft Auto 5 Online with a ton of money.

Have an Expensive Bike

Although most GTA 5 Online money glitches require you to have an expensive car, you will need an expensive bike for the latest one. Make sure you have in your garage a bike that costs 50,000$ in-game money or more, in order to quickly stack up by duplication.

Get a Pegasus

After you have an expensive bike, which to duplicate, you will need a Pegasus. Although it costs quite a lot of cash, if you wait for the night to come you might be able to see a few driving around and steal one. After you get into the Pegasus, drive to your garage and park in front of the garage, slightly to the left, leaving just a bit of space. The parking is the hardest part in this GTA 5 Online money glitch, so make sure to stop the Pegasus in a way, so there is space just little less than what’s needed for a bike to fit, between the garage door and the Pegasus.

Go Into Your Garage

The next step in this GTA 5 Online money glitch is to simply go to your garage and get your expensive bike. After you get out, you will find your bike stuck underneath the Pegasus. However, a new duplicated bike should be right in front of your house. Go ahead and grab it then go to the Los Santos Customs.

Before you enter

Before you enter the Los Santos Customs go online and buy a Faggio. Put your front wheel of the bike into the Los Santos Customs garage and call your mechanic, while hovering over the Faggio. Just as you call for your Faggio, enter the customs shops, wait for the orange circle on the bottom right corner fade away and sell your bike.

Duplicate as Much as You Want

After you get back to your garage, you will find that your bike is still there, thus it has already been duplicated. Be cautions, because using GTA 5 Online money glitch may result in a ban from Rockstar. However, this is definitely a working vehicle duplication glitch that you can exploit for as much in-game cash as you want. This way you will be able to quickly earn your way through and buy everything your heart desires in the online version of Grand Theft Auto 5. Do you fancy using exploits or not?

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