Google Hangouts Rolls Out a New, Free Download Update for Android Users

In the spirit of allowing a federation of service providers, Google has designed a Hangout extension for Microsoft Office developers to use on the Outlook app and make it easier to schedule calls.

It has also been noted as a strategic move by Google to allow people who do not use Google web as the primary email to schedule meeting from the Outlook app directly. It saves them the trouble of having to go to Google calendar to schedule their calls. The sharing move has also made it possible for those on Chrome Box to schedule their events directly from their inbox using their devices.

Download the Free Hangout Extension and Schedule Your Appointments with Ease

The Hangout extension for Outlook does not support chat. Rather, it focuses on supporting users to schedule appointments with relative ease. The extension to Outlook is similar to the Lync product that Microsoft users apply to add video call messages to calendar schedules.

Free Google Hangouts Update Download for Android Devices

Google has added value to the use of Android devices by availing an update. It comes with several new features to enhance Google Hangouts on Android. The highlight of the technology development is that you are now privy to merged conversations, a home screen widget and a simplified contact list.

Download the Free Hangouts Update and Experience Revamped Chat Moments

Google advises users of Android to download the update directly from their online Google Play store. The merged conversations feature on your new Google Hangouts with Android, is a revolution in its own right. Google Hangouts now enables you to exchange SMS and chat on the same platform. The good news yet, is that you are able to run these conversations as one integrated exchange. It is good news for many users who have often winced at the cost of sending SMS on the regular phone platform via mobile phone provider facilitation. The integrated conversation mode on Hangouts saves you time and money. It is also convenient as you can switch from one mode to another with the flip of a switch. The new feature allows you to merge and separate message types. You can also readily identify a message type and take action as appropriate.

The Simplified Contact List on the Google Hangouts Update

The contact list has been organized in such a way that it is easy for you to distinguish between Hangout contacts and your phone friends. Therefore, you have easy time whenever you want to use one type of message or other. The new features on the update ensure that you communicate without any mix-ups. For instance, it is clear to whom you can send an SMS to and to whom you cannot.

The Homescreen Widget

Adding the new homescreen widget on your device helps you access recent conversations on Hangouts much faster. It is a host of convenience with several new features in the update.

The Hangouts update is one of the best things to happen to Android users in recent days. What more do users need than a supported and enhanced communication platform that keeps improving by the day! You are now privy to better quality conversations, including better video chats and optimized SMS exchange. Your MMS is now more reliable than ever.

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