Dungeon Keeper – Walkthrough Tips, Hints and Cheats

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Dungeon Keeper is a strategy video game. It was released back in ’97 for PC. In this game, a player is required to try to build a lair or dungeon and then manage it and at the same time protect it from all invading ‘hero’ characters. These invading characters only want to steal your accumulated treasures and then kill different monsters.

Game Play

You will be playing with the mouse (which shows in the game in the form of a hand) to interact with the left-hand sidebar. It will allow you to choose the spells to cast and which rooms you build. The ‘hand’ will also enable you to pick up objects and creatures in your dungeon. This makes it possible for you to gather assault forces and even to drop the creatures off in a group once you have established a foothold. The ‘hand’ will also allow you to “slap” objects so as to interact with them. When you ‘slap’ creatures, they will hurry up. ‘Slapping’ will also trigger some traps and torture the prisoners in your Torture Chamber.

While this game has an isometric perspective, players have the ability to rotate and zoom the view. You can also possess one of the many creatures you have. When you do so, you will be able to see the dungeon from the creature’s point-of-view. You will also be able to use the creature’s abilities and attacks. The map has been divided into rectangles, and most of them are not visible. At the screen’s top left corner, you will be able to see a mini map, which is a smaller map part.

You will also be able to view the world map, and when the game begins, you will be given one of the 20 different fictional, idyllic regions to destroy. Each region represents the game’s level. As you progress through the regions, the areas you conquered previously will appear to be evil, twisted and ransacked.

There is also a mentor (voice of Richard Ridings) who tells you about a region and its attributes before you start another game level. Once you have completed a level, the mentor voice will tell you of all the improvements you have made in the game after destroying a region.

Dungeon Keeper 2

This game version was released back in ’97 and amazingly lives up to modern standards as the classic building dungeon game. It came with several different improvements and upgrades like overall controls, additional rooms and redone spells. In this edition of the game, you are required to collect all portal gems so that you can open a portal which will give you access to the surface world. You are supposed to invade this world. As you go along collecting pieces, you will eventually summon “Horny” the reaper with the horns. This creature is no longer inhabitable but is instead, a creature you can summon to wreak havoc upon all your enemies. The game play is identical to that of the original Dungeon Keeper.

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