Google Chrome – Keeping an Eye on the Top Features

Which browser do you use?

Most people tend to opt for Google Chrome because of the different features that it has to offer. Those who are not aware of what Google Chrome offers can check out the details and thereby have an idea as to why Chrome is considered by many as one of the best browsers.

Synchronize Your Bookmarks

Even when you are switching your PCs and you tend to access the internet from multiple devices, you can always make smart use of Chrome’s features. You can synchronize your bookmarks with your account. When you log in to another PC, you can simply sign in to your account and your bookmarks will be retrieved. Owing to this feature, people can easily shuffle PCs and enjoy their work regardless of the device they are using.

Further, if you do not want to get all your data synchronized, you have the option of configuring the same. You can move over to the advance settings in your Chrome browser and thereby configure the pages and things you want to synchronize.

Themes, Apps and Extensions

When you are using Chrome, you have the option of choosing the theme which you want. The Chrome web store is just a click away and you can find a wide variety of themes there. While themes may not serve any real constructive purpose, but for those who love to customize how their browser appears, you can definitely add your own touch to it. Further, even if you are a software junkie who loves to install different software, you will find the right ones in the Chrome web store. You can avoid the hassles of complicated software installation process by choosing the ones available in the web store.

The same logic applies for extensions as well. If you want to add extensions for extra functionality in your browser, the Chrome web store will once again turn out to be handy.

What Are The New Updates?

Google makes it a point to keep releasing updates from time to time. As per the new updates, there are a few changes that have come up and the key ones among them are as follows.

Full Screen Video

You can enjoy full screen video along with subtitles and controls for HTML 5 as well. This is one of the key fixes and features that have been added to Chrome and you can enjoy watching videos with greater fun.

Even those devices that come with multi window may get Chrome support too as this is another new functionality that is being worked upon. The bugs that had been reported by users have been taken care of too.

With the new updates that were released, most of the bugs have been fixed and Chrome users are going to be really happy and impressed by what this browser is going to offer.

The Key Lies In Speed

One of the top reasons for the whopping popularity that Chrome enjoys has to be the speed. If you use Internet Explorer and Google Chrome side by side, you will be able to appreciate the difference in speed.

Chrome has been designed to load pages with greater speed and the support that it offers is par excellence too. Safari is another browser which enjoys good reputation and is known for high speed.

You are free to pick the browser you want, but if you look at the majority, you will find that Google Chrome is definitely rated as one of the top choices. The amount of features that you get along with the ease of operation is definitely something which you should appreciate.

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