Avast Free Antivirus – Understand the Features and Make An Informed Decision

If you are looking at free antivirus software that has a lot to offer when it comes to the security and safety of your PC and mobile device, then Avast is the one to beat.

Unfortunately, it is almost unheard of in the US even though it has so much to offer anyone who uses it. Avast free antivirus offers its users an Android app for mobile security which has more transparency, customization and control than its competitors do. The Avast app may overwhelm some users but its features are unparalleled.

Interface and Setup

Setting up the Antivirus and Mobile Security app will firstly need installing from Google Play store, onto whichever mobile device you may have. Once this is completed, the software will run through a tutorial, which is quick.

Before Installation

Before installing Avast, you have to choose whether you want to use the free option or upgrade to the Premium option. If you have a license already with Avast then all you have to do is re-activate your account by tapping onto ‘Already has a License’ and the software is set up for you and is extremely smooth. This is more than what can be said for some of the rival free antivirus apps that are out there today.

Although Avast offers users their antivirus software free, some of its features are not, and include sandbox, firewall and password-manager icons. Therefore, if you click on any of these features, you arrive at Avast’s website where you can buy their complete software package.

Apps for Security

In order to get privacy and security offerings from Avast, you will have to go to Google Play store and install the Avast Mobile Backup & Restore, and Avast Anti-Theft apps. One thing about Avast’s setup is that it may be straightforward, but when compared with many of the other apps available today, it is rather lengthy. You will also need to set up a PIN between four and six digits once the app has been installed. What this does is unlock either the entire phone or Avast.

List of Features

A list of all the features that Avast Antivirus and Mobile Security has to offer can be found on the home screen and are simple to use. They include: Application Locking, Call Filter, SMS, Anti-Theft Backup, Privacy Advisor, Firewall, Virus Scanner and Application Management.

Depending on the mobile device you are using checking for updates, adjusting settings, changing PINs, etc. can be done by pressing certain buttons. For example, on the Samsung Galaxy S4 it is the menu button. Since some Android phones do not have a menu button to physically press, Avast has included an icon which appears on the screen and is visible in the upper left-hand corner. Pressing this will open up a settings menu and other features like App Shield, Web Shield and Message Shield. Nevertheless, while the settings menu is full of great features, the one thing that is a disappointment is the Web Shield feature. This is a very important feature for any mobile security app and should be clearly visible on the home screen, which in Avast’s case, is not.

However, the interface is very well organized and their information delivery is not only manageable but intuitive as well.

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