2048 Free Download on Smartphone – Get Addicted to This Now

2048 is a pretty addicting game and it is perfect for your smartphone so download it now.

The way to win the game is to move the tiles and when two tiles with the same number combine then they form into the total of the two numbers. For example, 2 +2 = 4 and 4 + 4 = 8. However, why is it addicting?

Leader boards

The leader board shows the players who have the top scores for this game. Even when you complete the 2048, you can still play on in order to go after the high scores for the game. 2048 is not an easy game to play as it is going to take up a lot of your time.

Night mode

For those who can’t sleep, this is a great game to make you forget about your problems and ease your mind at the same time. Before you know it, you would have already dozed off after playing a few minutes of this game. Even if the lights in the room are off, you can still play the game

Ability to turn on/off the 2048 beginner and pro mode

For those who are just new to this game, then you can start with the 2048 beginner mode. However, you may already proceed to the pro mode when you are already used to it. It would be a big risk to take the pro mode even if it is just your first time to play the game even though you would probably learn faster if you choose to do that. Just like all the other games, this game takes a bit of practice in order to achieve a high score. It depends if you have the guts and determination to practice all the time for this game. If you lose then you would want to win and if you win then you want to get a higher score from the previous one you got.

They listen to the players

The creators of 2048 are always open when it comes to feedback from the users. In fact, they implement the improvement frequently so the game is really for the players. However, they won’t change the game just because of what one person says. A lot of people has to agree with what he says. It is good to have a game developer that actually listens to what the customers have to say. Some developers don’t really care about what the players say as they just go with it and they have the impression that whoever does not like the game can just move on to other games. That should not be the attitude as they should work on improving their game in order to please more people and that would also help boost their sales.

Works on all Android devices

No matter what type of Android device you are currently using, you can be sure you can download the 2048 game and play with it right away. You will also find out the game was smoothly implemented into the Android as you will feel real comfortable while playing it on your own fingertips.

So give it a go. Make a little time for yourself and download 2048 and see what you are missing!

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