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When it comes to building a website and optimizing it for search engines, page rank is important. You need to know how your website stands up to its competition and be able to use that data in order to make changes and tweaks to improve its performance. Luckily, there are several easy, user-friendly tools that can help you check your site’s ranking in a matter of moments and even give you some insight on what to do with the data. The following three mobile apps are among the best of the best when it comes to checking the ranking of your site.

Alexa Rank Widget

Alexa has long been known as a page rank powerhouse tool, and the Alexa Rank Widget is a great way to monitor the Alexa page rank of any given webpage. You can also monitor a number of widgets for multiple pages on a single screen. The Alexa Rank Widget refreshes daily with a single tap.

BAM Analytics Pro

This app is available on iTunes, allowing users to view Google Analytics information easily from their iPhone or iPad. You can view data over a standard period of time or set a custom range based on your personal needs. Additionally, users can compare date ranges to see growth and performance changes between the two.

Powerful Webmaster Tools

This app is a convenient SEO and SEM program for Android machines, and its comprehensive feature set make it well worth a download. Included in Powerful Webmaster Tools are Alexa ranking, number of indexed pages on various search engines, Google Page Rank, Twitter followers count, and much more. Powerful Webmaster Tools is pretty much one-stop shopping for all of the page rank information you could possibly need or want to know.

SEO Dashboard Pagerank Check

SEO Dashboard Pagerank Check is more than just a ranking checker. Not only does it check page ranks from Alexa, Google, and more, it also features a back link checker and SEO analyzer tool, as well as social media analysis. Simply choose the parameters that interest you, and the results will be displayed on your dashboard.

SEO Search Ranking

Available for both iPhone and Android devices, SEO Search Ranking allows you to monitor any and all of your webpages for search engine ranking on an unlimited number of keywords. This software also supports Google’s CAPTCHA and gives country-specific rankings. Results are displayed in a graph that monitors results over a period of time, and it uses colors to help you know if your rank is decreasing, increasing, or remaining stagnant.

SEO Webpage Analysis-Site Rank

With this app, you can enter your website’s URL and instantly see SEO factors on your webpage, including content, links, meta tags, and more. It also provides ranking information and advice on how to increase your ranking based on its analysis.

WebRank SEO Pro

WebRank SEO Pro features a number of analytics, including Compete, Google, and Alexa pagerank. It also provides data on pages indexed in Bing and Google as well as Google and Alexa backlinks. WebRanks SEO Pro additionally provides data on social media popularity.

As you can see, there are number of tools available for page rank analysis straight from your cell phone. This makes checking on your site on the go easy and painless, and many of these tools are free to download. Monitoring your page rank is essential to help you decide if your page needs tweaking or is on the rise in popularity. Download one of these tools today to gain access to this important bit of SEO information.

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