Flawless Apple Ecosystem vs Sleek and Sleuth Chromecast

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Age, Price and Dimensions

Apple came out with its 1st Generation Digital Media Player 6 years before Google set foot on the same scenario.

Again, Apple released its well advanced 3rd Generation Digital Media Player titled ‘Apple TV’ 6 months before Google released its first Digital Media Player named ‘Chromecast’. The last release of Apple TV was its Apple TV 3rd Generation Rev. In order to compete, survive and overcome its own age-related updates and responses, rumors specify Apple’s next generation Digital Media player to come out in another 6 months time.

Continuing its tradition of introducing overtly prized products in the market, Apple has set its Pricing standards three times the price of Chromecast. Apple TV is priced at 99$ as compared to Chromecast’s cost of 30$. This drastic difference in the price range has itself set both the products’ sales apart. For a common man, lack of means to watch iPlayer, YouTube and Netflix is sufficient to tilt towards Chromecast for a 30$ price tag. And each experience will make you feel as though you have been granted the luxury as per your money’s worth. Here, Apple’s pricing technique might hit a heavy shot on its veins in the Digital Media Player business.

Apple TV weighs 0.27 kg and its dimensions are 28 × 98 × 98 mm. On the other hand, Chromecast weighs 34g and is 72 × 35 × 12 mm.

Evidently, if Apple TV is renowned for its compact nature, Chromecast redefines the idea of compactness and is smaller than small. Chromecast, when plugged into your device, confirms its stealth characteristics and is entirely hidden.

Streaming, Connectivity and Accessibility

Apple TV and Chromecast stream the audio and video content from internet to your TV. The complication and the pros or cons lie in the process of how they stream it.

Chromecast permits you to stream almost anything and everything to your TV as long as the desired content comes with a Cast Button. It provides oddly 200 or more apps at your disposal while Apple TV is restricted to Apple family and its ecosystem. The more involved and webbed you are into the Apple Ecosystem; more content is at your disposal. But, whatever the Apple TV streams, it does it flawlessly and efficiently with a foolproof guarantee each time unlike Chromecast. But Apple TV restricts its users to avail any content from Amazon and Vudu without renting or buying their services.

Chromecast is plugged into the HDMI port or can be used in the WiFi enabled mode, while Apple TV can be connected via Ethernet, Bluetooth, HDMI cable, Micro USB, Optical Audio and WiFi. In the similar fashion, Chromecast streaming is through your Tablet or Smartphone while Apple TV has an independent remote of its own. Both the connectivity and Accessibility factors favor Apple TV. Apple TV, thus ensures an independency of its own.

Targeted Audience, Sales and availability

Apple TV home screen gives you a strong reason to believe that it’s an iTunes conspiracy when you see your home screen clogged with iTunes Music, TV shows, movies and other entertainment programs. Chromecast lacks the true TV based interface and has a static home screen that displays solely the status of its power. Apple TV sales crossed 8 million in the year 2013 while Chromecast’s sales are way behind with a 2.7 million in the same year. Chromecast is available on Google Play while Apple TV is available on iStores and other retail shops.

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