Embedded Google Maps – Is Your Business Missing Out On This Great Opportunity?

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Currently, Google Maps is the most popular mapping service online.

Apart from giving a detailed map image of the world, it is also capable of giving you directions to the destination of choice and gives you suggestions about the cheapest and fastest travel route.Google Maps is constantly evolving. Users give suggestions, corrections and make 3D projections known as Google earth. The best part is that it is free as long as you have a stable internet connection. It also has solutions specifically for business-like applications.

Embedding Google Maps into your website can solve a host of problems for you and your clients. Here is an overview of the app and why you might want to use it for your business.

History of Google Maps

Despite the fact that Google Maps has become one of the main products of Google, it originated from two brothers in Denmark – Lars and Jens Rasmussen. The application made by the Rasmussen brothers was meant to be distributed as downloadable software. In 2004, Google took interest in the Rasmussen brothers’ project after trying to make their own mapping service from scratch. The two brothers decided two things – to sell their technology to Google and become its software managers, and to make it an interactive online service called Google Maps.

You can have Google Maps on your website with a simple app. You simply need to enter the address of the desired location and click the button to form a link. Once you are done, copy and paste the link to your website. It is a simple process for any type of website.

Here are some of the reasons why you would want to use Google Maps:

  1. Google Maps Integrates Satellite Imagery

Google Maps incorporates satellite images to give users a detailed view of an area. The precision and accuracy of street view is outstanding. This accuracy is made possible by Google’s vans. The vans gather information by driving through roads and by taking panoramic images. A user can get directions for driving in almost all locations in the world.

  1. Maps Functionality can be expanded using APIs

Advanced Programming Interfaces (APIs) are made available to the public by Google. This makes it easy to embed information in a website and also to expand the functionality of this amazing app. A 3D digital globe is embedded on the web page using Google Earth’s API.

  1. Integrated User Reviews

The primary objective of Google Maps is to give users maximum functionality. Maps are accessible on phones as well as tablets. User reviews are incorporated into the local maps enabling users to get information and ratings of local hotels and restaurants.

  1. Planning Routes using Commercial Airline Information

You can use Google Maps if you want more information about planning a route with commercial airlines. Google Maps lets you access schedules and daily travel plans. You can use thumbnails to give pictorial information for Google’s Photo Tours.

  1. Accurate Driving Directions

You can save and print directions for your own convenience. The step-by-step instructions make it easy to travel from one destination to another. Many drivers prefer text messages because it is much more convenient to read everything from the device.

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