FIFA 14 – The Best Tips to Help You Become a PRO

Released back in November 2013, the newest version of the highly addictive sports game, FIFA 14, has been on top of quite a few charts, mostly in Europe.

A huge improvement to the previous titles in the game is one of the best football stimulators. However, with e-sports becoming huge during the past few years, many players are looking forward to go pro in a game. If you have decided to advance in going pro in FIFA 14, you have come to the right place, as we have gathered the best tips every beginner should know when becoming a pro gaming player.

Keep a PRO Mindset

One of the first and most important differences between a pro and a normal player, despite the game, is the mindset. If you want to go pro in FIFA 14, make sure to focus on your game and instead of trying to reach the opponent’s goal as fast as possible, make sure to play as if it was a real football match, trying to keep the ball in your possession and as a whole showing your presence in the field.

Defense is More Important than Attack

Even though the sole purpose of a FIFA 14 match is to score goals, it is also important to keep your defenses up and not let your opponents score. If you want to go pro, make sure to focus on your defenses, no matter how much your opponent tries to agro you. Keep your eyes on the field and only attack once your opponent slips. During an attack, make sure you are in the better position. If you focus on this tip, you will quickly notice how your game changes with every match you play.

A Steady Offensive Strategy

Once you feel confident enough with your defense style, make sure to build a steady offensive strategy as well. In FIFA 14, try to focus on the wings and a lot of sprints with fast players and double passes as well. In most pro matches, you may notice that the most effective attacks and most goals are scored via the flanks, so make sure to truly strategize and build the right offensive strategy you feel most comfortable with, while trying to maintain your primary focus on ball possession and defense. Especially when you play against real players in pro matches, the main victories you will achieve will be by presented opportunities, because of mistakes from your opponents.

Going in pro in any game requires a lot of time and effort. While most of the time games are played mainly for the enjoyment, if you want to go pro in FIFA 14, you should really try to focus on building the right strategies. Check out replies of previous games and try to see the mistakes you have made and learn from them. Try to concentrate on your opponent and take the right opportunity. If you follow the aforementioned tips, you will quickly see your progress in the game and they will lead you on the right path of becoming a true pro player in FIFA 14, if you truly want to give your best.

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