Viber – The Latest Update for Windows Phone 8

The Viber 4.0 launched on the Windows phone 8, is a very important update, which has brought the latest features from Viber to the mobile platform for Microsoft, and includes the sticker market, which has become popular from Viber.

New Version of Windows 8

This step is a major accomplishment in making sure that Vibers new version for the Windows 8 phone has brought them in-line with other versions of their Viber app. The new version includes:

• It informs other users that their messages have been ‘seen’
• It informs users and tells them when their contacts are online ‘Last online’
• You can now add descriptions to photos
• The thumbnail photos which can be seen in conversation have had their quality improved
• Push notifications that are incoming will have notification sounds from Viber
• Notification content can now be hidden
• Platform compatibility has now been ensured with the translation of Emoji to emoticon
• App speed has been improved, which enables faster resuming and loading
• If platforms have limitations the push notifications are delivered and enhanced

The Viber CEO then announced that for several months steps taken were significant in making sure that the experience people will get from Viber is available throughout many platforms and the release, which has now become a reality for anyone with a Windows Phone 8, is the next step in the right direction. When it comes to the performance of Vibers new versions and innovation they are always striving to add functions that will enhance the platform and make using Viber an even more useful and enjoyable experience.

Downloading Viber’s Latest Version

For anyone who has a windows phone 8 the latest version can be downloaded from Viber at: This latest Windows version has followed very quickly behind another new release from Viber, which is the Android version Viber 4.2. The feature this Viber Version has to offer users includes:

• The ability to block any number
• Send anything up to ten photos all at once
• Users also have the option to select any call sounds or messages for Viber

Owners of iPhones

However, for all those out there who have an iPhone they will not have to wait for too much longer before they too will be able to update their phone with the 4.2 version of Viber.

Viber, the Company

Viber is a messaging service for mobile devices. The company not only developed Viber software platform but has also been providing a VoIP service. Viber not only enables people all over the world to connect to each other, they also allow people to use their service and download it free.

Users of Viber can send fun stickers, doodles, photos, text messages, which are free, videos, quality calls in HD and even share locations across the world and use Push-To-Talk as another form of communication with others.

Different Devices That Run Viber

The following are just some of the devices that are able to run Viber:

• Blackberry
• iPhone
• Symbian
• Linux
• Windows Phone
• Android tablets and phones

Viber Out

Viber has now introduced a service that they call Viber Out. This service enables users to call any phone in any country across the world and all for a very low cost. Viber’s users are in the region of 200 million and they span across 193 countries, making Viber a very popular choice indeed.

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