Fallout 4 Release Date Revealed?

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E3 2014 is less than two weeks away, and we will surely “hear” a lot of game rumors in the next days, and of course the publisher will try to deny them even if some rumors will be more or less right. Fallout 4 a lot of attention in these past days; especially when on Amazon UK appeared a new product named “Bethesda E3 2014 Dummy ASIN PS4 2”. The product disappeared fast, but not fast enough, since some people took a screenshot of it.

There were a lot of rumors about the new Fallout game in these last months, but Bethesda never bothered to confirm or infirm them, they didn’t even tell if there is a Fallout 4 game currently under development.

Even if this game is not as popular as other games of Bethesda, such as The Elder Scrools Online or Doom, Fallout is still one of the most mysterious games, since the developer continues to refuse to make any statement on this game’s status.

So, for now, fans will have to wait a bit more, hoping that in less than two weeks, they will get more information about this game.

With the recent release of the Wolfenstein: The New Orderand the recent announced game, BattleCry, we think that’s more than enough for Bethesda to deal with. Even if there are still a lot of rumors, we think that’s a very low possibility to see Fallout in this year’s E3, although the fans will want to.


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