Avast! Vs F-Secure – Best Free Download Antivirus Comparison

Today, malware and viruses seem to get in everywhere. It’s becoming more and more difficult by the hour to prevent our computers from getting infected with a malware or virus, which also tend to become more aggressive and dangerous at the same time. They are getting better at sneaking past our computer defenses and getting to our important content , without us even knowing most times. In days like these, you need a good, strong, capable anti-virus program that can assure you no pesky little virus will get in on his watch. With a wide-ranged marked, there are a lot of brands to choose from. This comparison will help you see if you should get Avast! Or F-Secure, if you are stuck between these two.

One of the biggest features that Avast! has and F-Secure hasn’t, is the virtual sandbox features. This sandbox will create a virtual…well…sandbox, around your internet browser, therefore capturing the virus, making it much more easy to exterminate. This is a very useful tool for consumers who find themselves browsing the web in large quantities.

Less game-changing than the Virtual Sandbox feature, but still pretty useful, is another feature included in the Avast! andtivirus, which is the FileRep feature. This lets users determine by themselves how dangerous to open is a downloaded file. It investigates the number of times it has been downloaded, and how long has it been since it was made available for download.

Both are top-shelf products, and even though Avast! takes the lead on this one as well, just by a bit, both programs are very efficient when performing scans. They do it while using very little amounts of resources from your computer, and also keep quiet in the background while they do it, so you can mind your business in the meantime.

F-Secure finally offers something that Avast! does not, and that is a parental control filter, which parents can activate and use when they let their kids go online by themselves. The control panel used on F-Secure is also more user friendly. Avast! on the other hand, offer support and protection for instant messaging, but, just as the parental control feature found in the F-Secure feature list, it may be important for some, while insignificant to others.

F-Secure has proven themselves as being very easy to get a hold of, in terms of customers service, and they usually help you fix the problem fast and smooth. They offer email and chat support, and also phone and online form support, the last 2 being offered by Avast! as well.

This comparison went through everything you should know about each program before you decide on buying one or the other. Choosing one of them has a lot to do with your personal needs, as F-Secure is more user and family friendly, while offering a strong support against malware and viruses, while Avast! also does a really good job, but provides extra protection through its Virtual Sandbox and FileRep features.

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