Fallout 4 – Does E3 Have Space For Release Date Announcement?

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When you talk about Fallout 4, you can’t just discuss it without connecting it with the rumors that has been making rounds till now.

The game is so connected to speculations and rumors because Bethesda, the original producers of the title has hardly released any official news. In fact, they have said nothing about the game till now and fans hardly know whether such a title exists or not. If another year goes by at this pace, it won’t be surprising if Fallout becomes a myth and it may soon join the Half Life 3 legendary tale. It looks like this is how legends are formed when developers and publishers simply abandon a title with no proper explanation. Even the last press statement made by Todd Howard was all about how the team is still working on ideas and why they haven’t finalized on anything yet.

Too Many Games Lined Up

If they are still discussing potential ideas, then it can also be interpreted as the game is nowhere under development by any studio. Even if they are going to start doing it now, it might take another two years or so to bring out which will make the total gap to five years. The psychology behind why game developers simply like to torture their fans by keeping things under wraps and not even confirm whether they are making the said game or not is difficult to understand. They are busy with something or the other but hardly have time to make a simple announcement that Fallout 4 indeed exists.

Signatures Soar

Enraged by this act, fans are feverishly signing petitions on the Change.org website demanding Bethesda to speak up. They want the company to talk something, reveal a release date or at least confirm if they are planning to make the game. The upcoming E3 conference has so much hype surrounding it because many expect that the publishers might use this opportunity to make a formal announcement. It is going to be a grand event full of games because big companies including Microsoft and Sony are going to focus entirely on games this time around.

They are competing head to head with their consoles. The only thing that could push their sales is addictive game titles. While this is entirely a different turf with next gen consoles, it is also a great place to talk about some amazing PC titles. Fallout 4 is definitely a worthy one to be unveiled during this time so that fans would know if they should wait for the title or just forget it to move with something else that is available.

There are so many games waiting to make their way out during the E3 conference scheduled to take place in the month of June. Bethesda might take the stage for a brief moment to talk some of their games but whether the anticipate Fallout franchise is in the list, is unknown for now. Keep your fingers crossed and hope something good will turn out this time.

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