Nokia X vs Nokia Lumia 520 – Specifications and Pricing Comparison

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After the fall from grace in the last few years, Nokia has been trying to reinvent major aspects of its phones.

One of primary aspects has been the ditching of the Symbian operating system. They have gone for the Windows Phone OS in a big way over the last two years with the Lumia range of phones. The Nokia Lumia 520 is an entry-level smartphone featuring this operating system. However, some have criticized the decision by Nokia to not take up android as an alternative. They have responded to this grievance by coming out with the first Nokia phone running on Android – Nokia X.


The Nokia X and the Nokia Lumia 520 go with the latest philosophy of having phones in bright and vibrant colors, while also giving users the opportunity to change those colors depending upon the mood. They may come with a plastic outer shell, but Nokia seems to have taken extra care in ensuring that this does not take anything away from the premium feel. In fact, the premium feel provided by these two phones are much better than their Samsung counterparts in the same price bracket.

Primary Change

One of the major changes between the two phones is the operating system. The Lumia 520 offers the same Windows operating system, which is seen in several high end phones from the same company. Due to Microsoft’s policy of being able to offer the same user interface in several different platforms, Nokia does not interfere with the operating system. It also ensures that the 520 has the best possible hardware to offer a performance that is almost on par with some high-end phones running the same operating system.

The Nokia X, meanwhile, uses the Android OS, but in a slightly different format. Instead of the widely used format have seen in the likes of Samsung and HTC phones, the Nokia device uses an open source version. It will not have most of the features found on the full android OS, but it can take advantage of the fastest growing app ecosystem. Windows also offers a comprehensive app world, but it cannot compete with the android counterpart in this regard.


The Lumia 520 not only offers a much better hardware specification in terms of processing speed, but it provides a superior five megapixel camera as well. This lives up to the reputation of Nokia being one of the top manufacturers when it comes to cameras in their mobile phones. The Nokia X, meanwhile, offers a slightly lower 3.15 megapixel unit. It is unlikely to perform as brilliantly as the Lumia 520 camera in low light conditions, but in brighter areas, its performance will almost be similar.


Battery life is taken care of by batteries that have around the same rating in both phones. The Nokia X features a slightly more powerful 1500 mAh unit compared to the 1430 mAh unit in the Lumia 520.

Since the Lumia 520 is slightly outdated after the launch of the Lumia 525, it retails at $ 120 compared to the $ 140 of the Nokia X.

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