Subway Surfers Tricks – Get All Expired Characters

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While Subway Surfers may have started off with a bang, its credibility rests on the updates and goodies that the developers provide each month and during the festivals.

Read the information below to avail all cheats and tricks to get the exclusive characters that appeared and expired with the blink of an eye.


• Get a Different Character

This trick is about re-adjusting a tiny bug in the game to provide the users with access to other characters came up as a part of the festivals or otherwise. The trick is to bring them back to the game, but users will still have to buy them with the coins. In order to bring them back, simply change the date. Enlisted below are some of the characters that you will get when the dates are changed to the ones written straight to the character.

1. Zombie Jake: 3rd October 2012
2. Elf Tricky and Starboard: 1st December 2012
3. Liberty and Tony: 5th January 2013
4. Toucan and Carmen: 30th January 2013
5. Kick-Off and Roberto: 28th February 2013
6. Chicky and Egg hunt: 1st March 2013
7. Outback and Kim: 5 April 2013
8. Fortune and Haromi: 4th May 2013
9. Cherry Hoverboard: 27th May 2013
10. Flamingo and Nick: 30th May 2013

• Trick for Professional Surfers

If a professional runner is what you identify yourself as, then make sure to check the extreme of your instincts by this trick.

o Hold on to a hoverboard and turn it on
o Watch out for the line end.
o Just as the hoverboard ends, gain a jetpack at the exact time!
o See the miracle of the flying jetpack and prove your skills!

• Jumping Magic

o To exercise this trick, make sure to find a jetpack and put that on.
o Fly around the place to empty the fuel of the jetpack
o Just when the fuel is over, swipe up.
o Grab the highest coin.
o The trick lets you jump neatly to the highest of your lifetime jumps and also to launch on the roof of a train.

• Using Move Combo

Now, Subway Surfers is the sole endless-running application that lets the player use a few more combinations than the usual swipe around.
o To dash to your right or left, jump and then swipe to the destined direction twice.
o In order to cancel the jump after the action is carried out, switch to rolling immediately after the first action.

• Stay on Trains

If you term yourself an expert in the game, continue to achieve the perfect score by this simple trick.

o Jump on top of the trains
o Also, stay there.
o Then, jump diagonally, by swiping to the either directions available.
o This lets you jump onto another train.

All above, avail newer tricks and better scores by simply playing more. Practice makes one perfect, and for Subway Surfers, Practice without failing or pausing while running, will definitely make you the best!

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