Candy Crush Saga – Tips You Absolutely Need to Know

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Candy Crush Saga is an insanely addictive game – anyone who has ever played it can tell you that.

There would be times when you will be stuck on a level that just seems unbeatable and at other times, you will not be able to help yourself from reaching out to your wallet to purchase some power ups. Here are some simple tips that keep you on top of your game.

Know When to Buy Boosters

Candy Crush Saga is a free to play game, but when you are stuck on a level, it feels all too convenient to make an in-app purchase to fill up some boosters that could see you through the tough level. Power ups usually add some boosters that can help you get past tough situations. You can get +5 moves, or others that could help you crush obstacles. If you are impatient, sure you can go ahead and make those purchases. However, purchasing power ups does not guarantee you a win at any level. So do not be impatient, keep trying, and save the level to play it another day. You can come back later and start the level from scratch. Maybe a new day will bring you some fresh perspective and luck, so that you can finish the level without having to make a purchase.

Aim for Super Combos

If you have not found it out already, know that combining two combo candies, can lead to a super combo that can essentially help you clear a level. So if you have a combo candy, do not use it right away. Instead, plan your moves in such a way that you can have two combos next to each other. When you combine these, you will get some amazing super combos that are not available on their own. This is especially beneficial on levels where you feel you can be stuck. Keep mixing and matching combo candies, and you will soon find out about all the different super combos that you can create.

Do not Depend Too Much on the In-Game Tips

If you have been playing the game long, you will know that Candy Crush Saga suggests some simple moves every time you are thinking. The game detects when you have not made a move in some time, and then suggests some simple moves that you can make to earn some points and get things going. While these suggestions are helpful, you should not rely overly on them because that could cost you strategically. These suggestions are very basic and would not help you form combos or super combos. So explore all the moves and use the suggestions only when you have nothing else to do on your own. Use the flashing tips occasionally, but rely more on your own ability to chart a strategy. The game board is yours to consider and in most of the levels, there is no time limit. So take your time and make a strategy for clearing the level.

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