WhatsApp vs WeChat – Which Has Better Quality and Features?

Two of the most popular apps today are WeChat and WhatsApp, and often it’s a battle between these two of which app is the best to download.

These two are both free to download and are available in the App Store and Google Play Store. If you’re new to free calling apps and can’t decide which one to download, let us help you by breaking down the differences between them.


As mentioned, both WeChat and WhatsApp are free to download, however, after one year of free subscription, WhatsApp requires an annual subscription of $.99. WeChat, on the other hand, stays free all throughout. If you don’t mind paying an extra price for a service that’s as good as WhatsApp, then the $.99 per year should be a small price to pay. If you’re all for free all the way, WeChat is the better choice.

Adding Contacts

Both apps have simple designs and are easy to navigate. WhatsApp shows your phone’s whole contact list and those who are using WhatsApp in the Favorites menu. These contacts are automatically downloaded upon registering your phone number. WeChat gives you the option to choose who to add to your contact list. You can choose to accept or decline someone’s invitation to add you to their list. This privacy option is an advantage for WeChat users.


WeChat has more features than WhatsApp. There are games to be played between you and the person you’re chatting with; stickers to be sent to them; and free calls and video calls available. You can also send photos, videos and share location. You can also discover other people using WeChat that’s near you with their People Nearby and Shake features. WhatsApp has simpler features; sharing of photos, videos, and location; sending voice notes; and its main feature, free chat. As of the moment it doesn’t do anything other than these but it was recently announced that free voice calls will be added to WhatsApp’s features some time this year.

Status Updates

If there’s an advantage of WhatsApp over WeChat, it’s the ability to set up a status. You can show someone if you’re available to chat or not. It’s helpful to know if the person you’re trying to reach is available or not; otherwise, you will just wonder if they received your messages or they’re just busy that’s why they weren’t able to type a response to you.

Quality of Service

WeChat tends to crash from time to time and it’s really a hassle when you’re trying to call someone but the app keeps on crashing on you. The messages can also be delayed in WeChat. If you’re using WeChat for work and you’re on a deadline, you cannot afford for any delayed messages. WhatsApp doesn’t delay messages. It isn’t known to crash, and even though its main feature is just free chat, it has proven a lot of times that it’s the better choice because of the quality of their service. Let’s just hope they remain this kind of service until after their free call becomes available.

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