10 Signs That Prove You Are Secretly an Introvert

10 Signs That Prove You Are Secretly an Introvert

Most of us will not admit to the fact that we are introverts, as we consider that these are people who don’t socialize and don’t like others. However, there are many introverts who are very warm people who, are more interested in others than themselves, and are very lovable and affectionate people.

Here are some of the signs that can help you identify any introvert tendencies or traits within yourself, so that you can honestly apply these to yourself and learn about who you really are.

Time for Yourself 

When you have some spare time, you prefer to spend it with others or just reading quietly by yourself, watching television, listening to music, rather than going to a social get-together the minute you have a break.

Prefer to Think By Yourself

You can best think creatively only when left to yourself. You can have discussions with groups and in a conference, but would prefer to have some time on your own to really come up with the ideal solution. Reflecting quietly enables you to think originally and out of the box and produce effective solutions.

You Work best with Self Starters

You are in your comfort zone when the rest of your group are self-starters and don’t need you to lead them all the way through. You are a little nervous when it comes to providing the initial spark or the initial guidance to others, but are ready to partner with others and work with them.

You never raise your hand First 

When asked a general question addressed to your group, you are never the first and are usually one of the last to raise your hand and offer your opinion or suggestion. This does not mean that you are less knowledgeable than others, but only that you do not want to be in the limelight.

You are often asked for an Opinion

Introverts don’t generally volunteer or offer suggestions, so they are often asked about their opinions. Others value their opinions and their advice and constantly ask them what they think.  Others probably realize that you have suggestions or advice but are not bold enough to have the attention on you.

Wearing Headphones in Public

You usually wear headphones while in a public place, like a park, a crowded bus and so on, as you would rather not interact with others. You also look down and just look straight ahead of you instead of making eye contact with others.

Avoiding People in a Bad Mood

You also prefer to avoid someone if you realize that they are in a bad mood. You probably want to avoid looking at them, as you are sensitive and are afraid that the person is angry due to something you have done. His gaze or his actions, therefore, present a threat to you and you would like to avoid it.

You get more emails and text without Reciprocating

You receive many mails and chat messages but do not reply or react to all of them, or only reply with short messages that are to the point. You don’t feel like reaching out to your social circles and will never initiate a call or a message but might react in a brief manner. You also avoid jobs where you have to reach out to others, such as a telemarketing job.

Avoiding Small Talk

You are surely not garrulous, especially with a stranger you meet in the supermarket or while commuting to work. You don’t give any information without being asked and never make comments about the weather to a total stranger. No one ever knows the way you feel at a certain given time, unless they are really close to you.

Reflecting on Thoughts

You often find yourself reflecting on the past, the day’s events and about others’ behavior without being ready to discuss it with someone near you. You are never bored with your own company and are very happy to be left alone with your thoughts and activities.

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