Clash of Clans – Best Clan Wars Guide Of The Year

If you are a Clash of Clans player, then you surely enjoy Clan Wars. However, many don’t know what exactly happens when a Clan War starts, so, today we’re going to give you more information about this.


Clan Wars didn’t come to Clash of Clans right after the release of this great game, but Supercell made it available fast enough. To join Clan Wars you will firstly need to join a Clan. The Clan Wars is usually played between 15 to 50 players from each clan. For example: 15 vs. 15, 30 vs. 30, 40 vs. 40, etc.

The leader or the co-leader of the Clan will have to accept the Clan War in order to make it start. After the Clan War is accepted there will be two phases that will take 1 day each (24 hours) called: the preparation day and the battle day.

The Preparation day

During this day, the Clans will obviously prepare for war. You will want to make your village as defensively as you can, and defend your Town Hall at all costs. You will also want to get some troops in your Clan Castle, in order to defend it better, and, at the same time, donate high level troops to your Clan members. In the preparation day, your village will be “cloned” for the Clan Battle and this will be the base that the members of the other Clan will attack. So yeah, don’t worry about your village resources because the battles will happen in a cloned village.

At the same time, you don’t want to cancel any buildings that are in upgrading stage. In case they will be “caught” upgrading at the end of the preparation day, they will be cloned with the level they had before you started upgrading them. For example if your cannon is upgrading from level 5 to 6, it will be cloned as level 5 in the “cloned” village that the Clan War will take place into.

As for the resources, your elixir collectors and gold mines will not gather any resources in the cloned village and your traps will automatically be rearmed.

The Battle day

After the preparation day is ended, the battle day will begin. Each player will have the chance to attack twice and at the same time he will be attacked twice. Keep in mind that you will not be able to attack the same player two times. The goal in the battle day is to get as many stars as possible. As in normal raids you will get a maximum of 3 stars: 1 star for destroying the Town Hall, 1 for destroying 50% of the village and 1 for destroying 100% of the village.

In order to be effective for your Clan, attack the basses that you are able to destroy and from where you can get the most stars.

To make thing easier, in case someone else from your Clan attacked the base you want to raid, you will be able to watch the replay to see how you can approach it and destroy it with ease. You will be able to see where are the traps and such things that will make your life easier.

After the Clan War ends, the Clan that got the most stars will be declared victorious and will get a battle bonus. However, the losing clan will also get some resources but way less than the Clan who won.


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