Candy Crush Saga: Play Now on Your PC and Mobiles

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Since its inception on April 12, 2012 from the developer King, Candy Crush Saga surpasses even the popular game Farmville on Facebook.

While it was originally only available on Facebook, several months later, on November 14 2012 users could start playing it on Smart-phones. As early as beginning of 2013, this match-three puzzle game had a staggering 46 million average users, prompting developers to make it available for other devices.

Release Dates on Different Devices

· Online Web Browsers – North America, January 1, 2010

· Online Web Browsers – Europe, January 1, 2010

· App Store – North America, April 12, 2012

· App Store – Europe, April 12, 2012

· IOS –Europe, November 14, 2012

· Android – North America App store, December 14, 2012

· Android – Europe App Store, December 14, 2012

A Major Expansion of Candy Crush Saga

At the end of 2013, the expansion that was expected to increase player amounts higher than before finally happened. From April 2014, the game has 575 levels and the new addition, Dreamworld has 215 levels. These levels are divided into what is called episodes and each episode has its own name, mascot, and story. On the different platforms such as Facebook, Android, IOS AND PC each level can be played from different devices, where it stays in sync ad you can continue your present game from a different device.

Candy crush saga: new update on PC and mobiles

Candy Crush released a new update on December 10 2013, effectively adding to the game’s immense popularity. Released for IOS initially it is currently available on android and Pc as well. Players will not experience the daily booster wheel as they hoped, but several new features are introduced. While there has always been more levels available on Facebook with everybody wondering why specifically only on Facebook, new updates solve that specific problem. Dreamworld was initially released fully on Facebook and only up to level 65 for PC and mobiles.

However, since April 1 2014, the latest update for Candy Crush Saga adds two new episodes to Dreamworld.

· Where you could only reach level 65 in Dreamworld for mobile and PC, Twilight Egg is the addition, which includes level 66 up to and including level 80. It ends out at World One

· Crazy crossing is the levels that continue after World One and this includes the additional levels from 81 and up to level 95 the same as Facebook. Where you exit at World One, you enter at World Two.


What is Dreamworld?

Dreamworld is the biggest new update and a world filled with revamped old levels. At the moment, there are 65 levels of Dreamworld, which are so similar to the original that you assume you are doing a replay. However, the differences in the new levels are the difficulty factor as well as additional objectives, with newly incorporated characters such as Odus for example. Odus is a new Owl character that is not in the first levels.

A new Moon Meter is introduced into Dreamworld with Odus the Owl sitting on top of the Moon Meter, which is actually a scale of sorts with candies on each side of him. You as the player needs to collected equal amounts of the specific candies on the sides of Odus to keep it balanced. If you fail, Odus falls meaning that you fail the level; the level can only be completed by filling the meter with enough balanced candies.

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