Halo 5 – Microsoft Reshuffles Studio, Could be Readying for Release Date

The developers Microsoft Studios and 343 industries are facing major changes in their employee line-up that is being anticipated to be a move to bring the big release Halo 5 into town.

Speaking to the press, the game director earlier said that even though they showed off a teaser during E3 last year, it was only a preview and doesn’t entitle an early release date. Going by the speed in which these studios are hiring experts on board and reshuffling the entire network, industry experts believe it could be for none other than the next Halo which Microsoft is betting to make Xbox One popular again.
The console got a huge boost with its exclusive Titanfall release which grabbed the attention of most players but there’s still work to do before they could go head to head with Sony in the console war. Joe Staton, Bungie’s lead writer is now part of 343 industries while there are new creative directors and Kiki Wolfkill in an untitled position. She was the person who wrote stories for Halo series and her stint is expected to continue again.

New Hires

Apart from reshuffling and hiring key members, Microsoft has nearly 14 different job openings listed which once hiring is done will make the studio as big as Sony’s Santa Monica studio. The positions offered by the company include concept designers, artists, program managers, sound designers and multiplayer level designers among others. The hiring process looks broad which indicates that it may not only be expanding for Halo 5 but the studios may have other projects up their sleeve.

With a stiff competition in the industry and competing against PS4 for the next gen console race, Microsoft is looking for all avenues to expand and make sure they stay dominant or reserve their own place in the new era. Apart from focusing on exclusives including Titanfall and Halo series, the company will also bring in DX12 to the Xbox One console to boost its graphic processing abilities and fight the 1080p 60 fps claim that is the talk of the town for a couple of weeks now.

E3 Trailer Was Pushed

The probability of seeing Halo 5 getting released before the end of 2014 is very complex for the moment. A developer anonymously told in an interview that the game was not ready for a teaser during E3 but Microsoft forced them to release it. Such marketing strategies will always be part of every company when there is a dire need to bring out something interesting.
Only if there is a push to release the game before the year ends, Microsoft may do it. Or else chances are high that they will announce a Halo 2 anniversary edition for Xbox One during E3 2014 and keep fans busy until the new game is ready. Announcement related to the game or how DX12 will help their future titles will be revealed during the game developers’ conference happening this month. Stay tuned to see what they have in store for all ardent gamers who are eagerly awaiting an announcement.

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