GTA 5 – Bigger and More Impressive

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The Three Psychotic Characters

The three anti heroes of Grand Theft Auto V seem to have come straight from Sigmund Freud’s human psyche models. Trevor is a psychopath and has absolutely no consideration for anyone but himself. Michael is a retired criminal, representing the superego, which is the moral force trying to keep the identity in check, whereas Franklin is the realistic partner in between the superego and the identity of Trevor. The game involves swapping the identity among these three, viewing San Andreas through these three differing characters with their own personal psychosis.

All the characters have been very well written and each of them has his motivations, personas and mission.

Seamless Switching

Switching between the characters in Grand Theft Auto 5 is seamless, as you can jump from one to the other or zoom the camera out and then warp back, to view their activities since you last played the character. There are also many other distractions, helping you discover more about San Andreas, with random activities and optional smaller missions. The amount of content in the game is truly staggering and, at times, the player can become confused making it difficult to make decisions. For instance, you can explore the Rockford Hill suburbs being Michael or the Vespucci Beach through Franklin or the Blaine County playing Trevor. You will find something interesting to do in all cases, such as preventing some robbery or some other interesting side plot. You can also get back to the main campaign equally seamlessly.

Exciting Narration

The narrative has been written very well with great story missions, make more exciting due to the feature of swapping characters. There are some thrilling missions, such as the one requiring the player to fly in a helicopter above a building playing Trevor; move down the side as Michael; and offer sniper support playing Franklin. It offers a very thrilling experience.

Other Enhancements in Gameplay

All mechanics have been improved. The most significant improvement can be seen in the visual enhancement making GTA 5 one of the greatest looking games on consoles. However, the downside of pushing the game visuals to this limit is that there might be some drop in the frame rates. This is due to the huge and sprawling nature of San Andreas. Gunplay has become stronger with enhancements in aiming. The driving controls have become freed, but offer a thrilling chase. Rockstar has made a lot of improvements to the franchise and these improved mechanics are really visible in the heists of the game. The player is not just someone showing up at a mission and taking part in a heist or a bank robbery. Players are an integral part of the entire planning and the awesome, thrilling moments. They can opt for different types of plans, decide on their getaway car and pick their teammates and so on. This gives them complete control over the entire mission. Their choices or options will result in different outcomes.
A Sensible Economy

Rockstar has also made the economy a sensible one. Previous games merely had the player dumping money in the bank account within the game. Here, all weapons and vehicles can be customized. The real estate is more robust and has several properties in San Andreas, which the player can buy. Through these, you can earn more money or go into additional missions or tasks. The stock market is a dynamic one that interacts with the events of the game. Players can conduct research on their missions and make more money. There are many such moving or dynamic aspects in GTA 5, which makes the game a work of amazing coordination.

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