iPhone 5S vs. Samsung Galaxy S5 – Comparison of Camera Specs between two Archrivals

The smartphone arena has been marked by legendary rivalry between the two big guns in the industry – Apple Incorporated and Samsung Electronics.

Smartphones of both these companies come equipped with state of the art features and a high-end spec sheet, to give their rivals a run for their money. However, with their rivalry going beyond the smartphone arena, both the companies are hell bent on overcoming each other in the smartphone race. The flagship handsets of both the companies – iPhone 5S and Galaxy S5, stand on par with each other in terms of features and specifications.

Let us compare the camera specifications between the two flagship variants of two leading companies – Apple and Samsung.


Apple iPhone 5S

The iPhone 5S caters the masses with a stock camera experience. The iPhone 5S camera has undergone improvements, which enables the user to choose amongst eight filters for clicking the pictures. The camera comes equipped with an additional ’square’ photo mode, for the user to enjoy clicking square photos. The camera features panorama and HDR picture options. The camera app is simple, as that of its predecessor, but is decently quick and user friendly.

The 8MP iSight snapper of the iPhone 5S is definitely an improvement. However, the low light quality snapping determines the superiority of the camera. The iPhone 5S iSight camera offers sharp and rich details, with warm color tones. It can ably handle dynamic range, by exposing both dark and light areas effectively.

The amalgamation of large aperture f2.2 lens, backside illuminated sensor and bigger pixels offer low lighting quality to the 8MP iSight camera of the iPhone 5S. It produces brighter images even in low lighting conditions along with less haziness and blurs. The outdoor quality of the camera is superb, but slightly soft looking. However, the two LED flash lights – white and amber, provide the user with balanced colors. The LED flash lights can illuminate scene up to 7 feet away.

Video Recording: The 1080p video recording ability of the camera offers the user with pleasant looking videos, with accurate colors, sharp details, clear audio recording, smooth recording and exposure adjustment features.

The iPhone 5S comes equipped with a slow motion recording feature as well. Explicitly, the camera is capable of recording videos at a rate of 120 fps. In addition, the audio also comes equipped with a slow motion feature as well.

Samsung Galaxy S5

The GS5 comes equipped with auto focus feature and large sensor, providing the user with a decent camera experience.

The 16MP camera of the GS5 comes equipped with a considerably large ½.6-inch sensor, having an aspect ratio of 16:9. The f2.2 aperture and the shooter’s individual pixel size of 1.12 microns suggest that noise would be kept at a reasonable level.

The phase detection autofocus, as used in the SLR cameras, is an innovative addition to the GS5 camera. However, it may not work well in low light conditions and is not quick to respond as well. However, the phase detection autofocus enables the camera to lock on a focus in around 0.3 seconds.

Shooting Modes: As expected from the Korean giant, the GS5 camera comes with a plethora of shooting modes including the likes of ISO, metering, effects, timer, white balance, stabilization, HDR and more. Some shooting modes are grouped under the ‘shot and more’ shooting mode, which provides various effects on the image such as Drama shot, Best face and Best photo.

The ‘Virtual Tour’ is an addition to the GS5 shooting mode, enabling the user to create ‘virtual tour experience’. However, it is rather slow in real time working.

16MP Snapper: The 16Mp camera provides realistic colors, neither cold nor warm. The snap clicked from GS5 camera would appear real like, at the time when the picture was clicked. The handset handles the exposure pretty well.

Video Recording: The 1080p video recording ability of the camera offers decent colors and detailing. It also enables the user to record 4K videos, with high resolution.

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