Start Your Instagram Account Today with These Easy Steps

Instagram is a widely popular photo editing and sharing site. It is a social media site, similar to Twitter or Facebook, except on Instagram you tell your story with pictures. Getting started on this trendy site is a breeze. Follow the steps below and you will be hashtagging photos with the best in a matter or moments.

Getting started with Instagram

  • Download the app from your app store onto your mobile device.
  • After downloading, you will have an option to either sign up or login, please select sign up.
  • Enter your email, username (make it the same as your Twitter handle with no @sign if possible), and a password.
  • Select a photo to use as your profile picture. You can choose from your photos on your phone or your Facebook pictures.
  • Have the app search your Facebook and Twitter profiles for Instagram users. You do this, for example, by selecting the Facebook friends tab. A list will be displayed that shows people who are your friends on Facebook as well as Instagram users. You can choose individuals to follow from this list, or you can use the select all feature in the top right corner. Once you have completed selecting friends to follow, you can select the done button.
  • After selecting friends to connect to your Instagram account you will be presented with a page of random posters that you can choose to follow or not. After you make a decision, select done to finish opening your account.

Creating your profile

Your account is now done, but your profile is not complete. It is important to complete your profile so that people can find you via your interests, area, etc.

  • In the bottom right corner of the app screen, there is a rectangular icon that looks like a newspaper. Click this icon. Your profile settings will now be displayed.
  • Under the heading labeled account, click on the Edit Profile link. You will now be able to enter more detailed information about yourself.
  • Enter your First and Last name (if you want them shown), your URL, a short bio, and whatever other information you want to complete for your public and private profile. Hit “Submit” when you are done.

Uploading Pictures

Now that you have set up your account and edited your profile, it is time to upload some pictures. Follow the steps below.

  • At the bottom of the app screen there is an icon that looks like a camera, please select it.
  • Your camera will now open; you can either take a photo or open a photo from your library. To select an existing photo, click on the preview square in the bottom left corner of the screen.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the screen where you will see a selection of pictures that can be chosen. You can find pictures in different albums in the selection box immediately above this. Find you photo you want to upload and tap on it.
  • Your picture will now open in the editing window. Edit the picture to look how you want and your description or hashtags.
  • Once you have selected, edited, and tagged your photos, you can tap the button labeled “Share” to publish your picture.

Now you have fully set up, edited, and posted to your account. Remember to select your best pictures and tag them appropriately. Check out some hashtag tutorials if you are unsure of how best to do this. You now have a fully functional Instagram account. Go out there and seek out followers!

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