Why Subway Surfers is One of the Best Games EVER

Subway Surfers, by Kiloo is one of the top rated games in the app market.

It was the top and trending choice at one point of time. Despite the fact that new games have come up, you can still find a great majority of people hooked to this game. Subway Surfers will always be one of those games that have too many good points to ignore it. If you are wondering as to what are the main picks of the game, following are some of the key points that you need to be familiar with.

Brilliantly Creative Interface

One of the key highlights of Subway Surfers has to be the creatively engaging interface it offers. There are too many bright colors in this game and when you are playing it, you will be attracted to the rich interface. It is one of those games which are liked by both the children and even grownups. The overall styling of the game is very unique and you will be happy playing it.

If you are one of those who love an interactive game that is rich in colors and has a modern look to it, you will not regret playing Subway Surfers.

Music sets the tempo

Not only this, if you crave for good music when you are playing games, you need to know that the background score in Subways Surfers is really impressive. It goes with the overall theme of the game and the other sounds that are used blend well too.

The blend of graphics and sound effects is pretty perfect and almost everyone who has played the game has been extremely pleased with it.

Smart gaming track

The plot is relatively simple as all you need to do is jump over the trains and keep collecting coins. There will be various barriers and obstacles that will be thrown in your way and you have to handle all of them. You can make excellent use of the available power-ups as they will simplify the game for you and help you enjoy your time to the fullest.

You will have a cop chasing you down and if you fail to cross the barriers or jump over the train, the cop will catch you and your game will end. You can use keys to regain your lost life and resume the game.

Is it free to play?

A lot of gamers want to be sure that the game can be played free of cost. Yes, Subways Surfers is absolutely free as you can download it for android or even iOS. It is not mandatory to make any payment; however, those who are addicted to the game can always make in-app purchases and buy keys or other upgrades that will help them improve their scores.

Further, you can also connect your social media profiles with the game and engage in a war with your friends by beating their scores or poking them as well. You must play this game at least once so that you can pass your own verdict about it.

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