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Instagram, the photo editing App has taken the world by storm – its Instagram everywhere, both on mobiles and on desktops.

While the mobile version of this App has been a huge blockbuster hit, the desktop version – Instagram for PC is a thriving strike now.

In this article, let’s read about certain tips and tricks which will help you enhance your photographing skills and deliver quality pictures with Instagram on your PC.

It’s all in the Angle

Depending on the photo shoot you require and the kind of photos you need, you must optimize your angle of coverage. Whether it is from roof high or core bottom, all your photographing trick lies in the angle you use your camera in to capture.

Bold the Borders

If you have pictures with borders, you can always easily edit them. So use the border option from Instagram while you are editing a picture. You can also shift the viewer’s eye focus to another part of the picture by using borders.

Capture the Moment

Like it is said, beautiful moments never reoccur. Capture the right moments before you edit them on Instagram. When you have a momentous picture capture, enhancing it with this wonder App will add that touch of magic to your picture.

Where’s the Backdrop?

Remember, keeping a background for your picture through Instagram can give it a customized look. Use the portrait option to have a beautiful background for your special pictures.

Refine your Filters

It depends on which filter you use to enhance a picture. Instagram can brighten up a dull picture and add life to a lifeless scene. How you enhance the picture and present it depends on the filter you use to edit the picture. Make sure you explore all the filter options on your picture to deliver the best.

Bring in Depth

Your mobile cameras cannot add depth to a picture; it depends on how you’ve chipped it in to create that depth factor. Using repetitions, lines and spaces with background effects will add depth to your picture. You can bring in depth using the ‘Tilt Shift’ option on your Instagram App.



Let your Blogs Talk

Using the Instagram for PC, you will be able to incorporate your captured pictures on blogger sites such as Blogger, WordPress etc. You can install them into such blogging sites and see it as one of the options on your side toolbar while you edit/write your blogs. So pictures merged with your blogs now are all easy with Instagram App for your PC.

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