Angry Birds Free Download – Here’s Everything You Need to Dominate the Game

All of you who play Angry Birds already know that you have to kill the pigs using the least number of birds, as this will fetch you the maximum number of points or a high score.

An unused bird is worth a lot of points and can fetch you about 10,000 points. In addition, your score also increases in proportion to the damage that you can wreck with the birds.

Balanced Attack

While attacking the pigs or their homes, just don’t blindly attack anywhere, but rather look for strategic points that are weak and could affect the balance of the building or structure. This results in greater and quicker demolition using fewer birds.


If you pinch the screen and zoom it, you can see the entire screen, rather than the launch post. This will enable you to get a complete view of the screen.

Unlocking and Getting Golden Eggs

If you find it difficult to unlock levels, there is an easy way out by discovering the golden eggs. These are totally 17 in number and you can find them. If you tap the sun present on the home screen after clicking on ‘Play’ and going to the level menu, you will get a golden egg. When you watch the credits, you must wait till the end and then just tap on the golden egg that is seen at the end. While the game is going on, press pause and look at the white birds that lay eggs in a video to get a golden egg. If you get the maximum number of stars for the first 3 levels, you will get a golden egg. By tapping the treasure chest in the levels 1 to 8, you can get a golden egg. Destroying the beach ball also helps you get the gold egg from levels 1 to 8. Destroying the beach level in 2-2 gets you another golden egg.

Knowing what the Birds Do

This is very important and you need to know what the different colored birds are capable of doing, so that you can use them most effectively.

Red Bird – This is the bird you get initially and it does not have anything special about it. All you do is to launch it. However, you must be aware that the higher you launch this bird, the greater the damage it can do.

Blue Bird – On tapping the screen, the blue bird breaks up into three other birds. These birds are usually very effective for taking out or destroying glass structures. Launch the bird and just when it is about to strike the glass, touch the screen, with the result that all the three birds hit on the glass and completely destroy it.

Yellow Bird – This is a bird that you can use for a long distance attack. On tapping the screen, the yellow bird picks up maximum speed and this results in the maximum damage.

White Bird – These birds are known for their versatility. If you tap the screen, it results in an egg dropping on the targeted pig. The dropping of the egg results in an increased acceleration of the bird and it flies at a 45-degree angle. This allows the player to make a low aim while launching the bird and attacking a low target.

Black Bird- This bird is considered the most destructive of them all. When you tap the screen, they explode when they settle down on the launched area. You can use the black bird to destroy heavy structures, as it offers a rather heavy type of artillery to the gamer.

Green Bird – This bird is a boomerang type, but you can also launch it directly onto the structure, as it will result in the greatest destruction.

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