Viber, Talkatone, And Skype Free Calls Comparison

Due the advancement in technology and development, the internet has become an important part in people’s lives.

With the introduction of a new concept called voice over internet protocol (VoIP), the traditional way of making calls and sending messages has shifted drastically to the use of applications on internet enables devices rather than just dialing the phone. The younger generation people have embraced this idea because of the introduction of iPads and smartphones together with affordable data plans and access to Wi-Fi hotspots has made it substitute traditional ways of texting and calling. The only headache will be for the user to make a choice when comparing Skype vs. Talkatone vs. Viber applications.

The following factors will help the user to determine which one of them is the best:

1. Platforms that support these applications

Viber application can be supported by a series of operating systems that include iOS, Windows, Android, Blackberry and Bada. A desktop version has also been introduced in recent times making it possible to call PC users that have installed Viber and talkatone. However, talkatone is one of the only applications for Ipad devices that use every feature on Google Voice. Skype was initially developed for PCs but Microsoft has made compatibility features to make it usable in other devices.

2. Calling rates

All of them allow their users to make calls outside the network. Skype customers pay more when contacting mobile cellphone users and landlines even though calling a person that has the same application installed is cheaper. International calls are 300 times more to make when using Skype as compared to Talkatone and Viber.

3. Simplicity in terms of usage

Using Skype is considered to be more tiring and time consuming hence hampering the experience of the user significantly. There is a requirement for the customer to enter the username and password in order to login each time to access Skype. However, Viber and Talkatone do not this because your phone number is used as both of them (password and username).

4. The rate of consuming data

Clients using any of these applications have to put into consideration how much data bundles they use. Hidden costs are incurred in each time they are used to call or text a person. Making calls using Viber and Talkatone consumes about 250 kb data each minutewhile Skype calls consume more due to their superiority in terms of the quality of the calls.

5. Comparison in terms of value

In terms of quality, Skype is miles ahead in terms of making video and voice calls. Data usage and other expensed are incurred more when using Skype than the other applications. It is the user who has the power to choose which of the three has better value.

Making free calls on applications that employ the technology of VoIP will depend on which one satisfies your requirements and is of uttermost importance. Analysis show that the choice of many users that use smartphones narrows down to Skype vs. Viber vs. talkatone because they enable a person to call family and friends living in foreign countries free of charge only if they also have the same application. It is all up to you to choose the one that has caught your eye because your experience will be mouthwatering.

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