Minecraft PS4 Won’t Get 1.05 and 1.06 Updates on Release Date

While the player community was busy trying to know a release date for the Minecraft PS4 edition, 4J studios had a surprise up their sleeve that they revealed a couple of days ago.

The game is about to arrive and it has been confirmed multiple times in the official Playstation blog, Mojang’s page as well as developer 4J’s Twitter feeds. But, along with the much anticipated digital copy of the title, players will now actually be able to hold a physical copy in their hands and it is official news now. The next gen version on the Sony platform will be available in retail stores where you will be able to purchase it and display the snazzy box art in your game collection.

Retail Box Edition

The question does lurk that a small game such as Minecraft will hardly occupy any space on a blue ray device and the publishers may choose to add some extra content onto the disc. As of now, the developers haven’t confirmed any such upcoming feature but it’s definitely expected that the retail copy will be a collector’s item to own. The box art shows off the lead character holding a sword in his left hand which has led to another speculation that there will be a mod soon that will allow right and left hand wielding for weapons but it’s just an assumption by the gamer community.

Updates Not Included

Another new update revealed on the official Playstation blog is that the retail copy of the Minecraft PS4 edition will not come preloaded with the 1.05 and 1.06 patch updates. The development studio 4J released the 1.04 update that brought up a whole lot of new features including invisibility potions, ender’s chest, carrot on a stick to ride on pigs, trading with NPC villagers among many others. With so many new features to look forward to, it was not surprising to see that there were a couple of bugs as well that the studio had to look into. They quickly came up with 1.05 update which is already available for the PS3 version and have confirmed in their tweet that the 1.06 update is under development as well.

The upcoming 1.06 will feature new texture and skin packs but there is no official confirmation on what type of contact that players will get on release date. However, it has been confirmed on the blog that Minecraft PS4 edition will not have them in the disc but players will have visit the online store to download them in the prescribed order. With digital copies being so prevalent, downloading patch updates and skins shouldn’t be a huge deal for you but it is still a mystery that the company chooses to release the game without the updates already bundled in it. The release date for the PS4 version is still under wraps even though the company confirmed there is a PS Vita version as well. The PS3 edition is about to hit stores in a box format on May 16th and the next gen is expected to be right after it.

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