Moto G vs Nokia X vs Moto E – Keep an Eye on the Little Moto Brother

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The Nokia X is facing stiff competition in the budget Android market with the Moto G and soon Moto E the expected little brother of the Moto G.

Nokia has always been a price-oriented device, but the Nokia X is more budget-oriented. Finding out, which is the best of the three, is what we attempt here.


Moto G, 8 GB is priced around $249 with the 16 GB around $319, compared to Nokia X at $169. Compare the price of the Moto E, which is estimated to be the serious contender in the budget range, which will be around a $100 lower than its older brother the Moto G.


Moto G is heavier at 143 grams compared to Nokia Xís 128 grams; however holding the two side by side, it is hardly noticeable. Moto E however is said to be much thinner and compact, although the exact specification are not known. Moto remains sober in its black, although you can buy interchangeable covers. Nokia on the other hand loves it flashy pinks and other intense colors.


Both Motorola and Nokia makes quality, customizable phones but where hardware is concerned Nokia is not a patch for the Moto G. Nokia X has a Snapdragon S4 with 480 x 480 resolution display, and 3MP fixed focus camera and no flash. The Moto G has a Snapdragon 400 with 720-pixel display and 5MP camera with built-in flash. The Nokia X has 4 GB storage, with an optional micro SD card slot. However, the Moto G has 8GB on-board storage as standard option, but also allows for a 16 GB option. This makes the Moto G miles ahead of Nokia X, but we have to take in regard that Nokia has storage slot, that the Moto does not have. The Moto E on the other hand has the same display as Nokia at 720 pixels and 4.3-inch screen. Where cameras are concerned, the Moto E also beat the Nokia, except that they are equal in RAM. The Moto E has an advantage that its older brother does not have, an additional MicroSD card slot.


Nokia and Motorola run Android, but Moto wins again as it run Android 4.4.2 KitKat while Nokia runs the old ìforkî version Android. Nokia X is down on apps without Google Play and its own Nokia Store is anything but great. Moto has Google Play Store and the only thing you can buy from Nokia is apps, no music, or games. Motorola has the edge on Nokia again with its Migrate app, Trusted Bluetooth and Motorola Assist as well as Motorola Camera app. Nokia X has HERE Maps, Mix radio and Camera app, but does not come close to Moto G.


The Moto trumps over the Nokia again using a 2,070-mAh battery with a full day operation, whereas Nokia lacks with its 1,500-mAh battery lasting half a day. Where batteries are concerned, the Moto E has a better battery than the Nokia with a 1,900-mAh size.


Although the Nokia X is not without charm it lacks sorely, compared o the Moto G and it may very well be that the little brother Moto E even outshines the Moto G. It has much of the same features and advantages, but much lower in price.

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