Get Record Likes on Instagram with These Techniques

​If you spend countless hours creating amazing photographs, it is natural to want to receive some accolades for your work. If you find that your pictures are not getting the likes you thought they would, perhaps you need a different technique. All the tips below have one very basic commonality; they are based on getting more people to view your picture. If you have a photo with zero likes, the possibilities are that either the picture is unattractive or no one has seen it. Either way, you have to fix the problem before your likes will increase. Here are some great ways to do just that.

#Recent4Recent and #Like4Like

​If you have spent any time on Instagram, you probably have noticed these two hashtags. #Recent4Recent means that the poster will like your most recent photo if you like their most recent photos. If you search for the term, you can like photos tagged with this and the poster will like your most recent photo. Similar to that is #Like4Like which is where a poster will like one photo for every photo of theirs you like. These are both great ways to add up the likes.

Post good- looking well- edited photos

​Let us be honest here, no one is going to like an unattractive picture. If you have picture that is passably good, use one of the editing apps to create a truly unique and stunning photo. Some of the most popular photo editing apps are Snapseed, VSCOcam, and Mextures. Make sure your photo looks as good as possible in order to get the most likes, and if you can’t accomplish that using an editor, then, perhaps you should pick another photo.

Describe your photos with hashtags

​The more people who get to view your photo, the better the potential for likes. Hashtags are easily searchable, and if your photo is labeled with a variety of them, you are sure to land in someone’s search which will give you more visibility. Tag your pictures with popular tags, and see how quickly your likes go through the roof. But remember, Instagram only allows you to use 30 hashtags for each picture.

Geotag your photos location

​You can gain likes by geotagging your photos with the location where they were taken. This gives people the opportunity to see images of places they know or would like to visit, and often will result in likes. The more information your photo has describing it, the greater the chances that it will be seen. More views are needed before your likes will increase.

Share your photos on Twitter and Facebook

​When someone likes your photo on other social media sites it transfers over to Instagram. If you have 100 Facebook friends, then that is a 100 potential likes. However, if they do not see your picture, then the like’s potential goes down to zero. Share them with your friends on Facebook and let them increase your Instagram popularity.

Be a team player and like others photos

​A lot of people on Instagram operate off the rule that if you like theirs, they will like yours. Make use of this by exploring the community and finding images you think are pleasing. When you find those images, like them and possibly reap the rewards of a like back.

​Most people fall into the trap of not describing their photos with enough information when they first start out on Instagram. Do not beat yourself up if this was your mistake as well. It is important to remember that there are millions of pictures on Instagram and that people have to be able to find your picture in order to like it. Make it easier on them by following the above tips.

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