Minecraft PS4 – No Release Dates Yet and It’s Not Surprising

Minecraft is arguably one of the most popular games on the video games niche currently.

The announcement by Mojang that there is going to be an update for the Minecraft PS4 propelled the game to levels its competitors can only imagine reaching, let alone beating.

Title Release Updates

The announcement by Mojang that the updates for the Minecraft PS4 edition and Minecraft Xbox one caught many people pleasantly surprised. It was all hype at the announcements which later proved to have said very little about the specifics of the development time frames for the two versions. The enthusiasm is born of the fact that Minecraft PS3 version was an instant success. The latest news from EpochTimes on the 7th of April corroborates the earlier rumors. Daniel Kaplan of Mojang is reported to have laid it bare. The news, of course, sparked lots of enthusiasm and it increased speculation on just how the PS4 version will play out.

Minecraft Is Soaring High

It is not a surprise that Minecraft enthusiasts should be so eager for more updates. The popularity of the game is outstanding. So far, it is reported that Minecraft has already sold over 12 million copies of the game on the Xbox 360 edition.

So When Are the New Updates?

There is only one certain statement from all stakeholders concerned with the development of Minecraft PS4 edition and indeed, Minecraft Xbox One. You can count on the updates for the PS4 edition and Xbox One to come some time soon. There, you now have it, it will come! The precise release date is a story we can try to piece together another fine day. In short, neither Mojang, nor 4J studios are willing to commit to the specific release dates for Minecraft PS4 edition and Xbox One. Yet, they assure all and sundry, that they are working on the game updates. Some clever projections have put the dates at around June 2014. However, these a mere projections by regular critics and self proclaimed analysts who claim to follow Minecraft developments closely.

The Genesis of the Update Rumors

Sometime around March 27th 2014, Phil Spencer from Microsoft gave the clearest indication yet that there will be a Minecraft update for Xbox One. Mojang also adds that the Minecraft for the PS4 edition is in the pipeline. Players are therefore justified to heighten their expectation, given the strong announcements from significant company officers. When pressed to divulge more information, Mojang remained restrained and could not comment on the date’s issue.

So What Did Mojang Exactly Say On The 27th Of March?

The facts from the horses’ mouth indicate that Minecraft PS4 edition and Minecraft Xbox One are still in the pipeline. The two games are being worked on by 4JStudios. It is the same team of experts that completed the TU14 and 1.04 updates.

More Time to Work on Minecraft PS4 Edition

Mojang promises one thing though. Now that work on TU14 and 1.04 updates is done with, Minecraft enthusiasts can expect updates to come sooner. The focus is certainly on the two games now.

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