iPhone 6 Release with Top Android Features Wanted For The Upcoming iOS Phone

Two weeks separate us from the upcoming iPhone 6, since it’s planned to be unveiled on September 9 and the fans have a lot of expectations from Apple’s new flagship.

It’s already known that the iPhone 6 will come in two size variants, a 4.7inch one and a 5.5inch one and that the phone will be slimmed down due to the 3.5mm audio jack removal. At the same time, it is expected that the upcoming Apple phone will have a new design.

The only thing that Apple should focus on is to look at the current Android devices and we’re sure that they will find at least a few features that they will like to implement on their iPhone 6.

1. Near-field communication (NFC)

Apple will always be able to use their Passbook technology for a more efficient mobile payment, but NFC will surely attract more users since it is a better known technology by the Android users. Aside from this, you can share contents between two devices by simply bringing them closer.

2. Better touch keyboard

Apple should consider getting Swype or applications that are like that on its iPhone 6. By using an application like this, the iPhone 6 users will be able to write over 40 words per minute. A lot of Android users are using it and some say that they can’t go back to normal texting and they are already addicted to Swype.

3. Better battery and wireless charging

Nowadays, smartphones are a part of our lives and we can’t give up on them that easy. We use them at home, on the way to work or even while eating. For this, our phones need a high battery rating in order to operate for hours.

Aside from a high battery rating, the smartphones users love the idea of wireless charging and if Apple will be able to bring this new feature on their iPhone 6, a lot of users will buy it just for that.

4. Higher storage space

For now, the iPhone 5S has 64GB storage space which many users think it’s enough. However, some users consider that Apple should start expanding the internal memory up to 128GB on the iPhone 6. This won’t be a hard thing to do for Apple, since the iPad 4 already has this feature. Another thing that Apple can do is to bring the most wanted microSD slot for the memory expansion.

Many fans hope that these 4 features will be added on the upcoming iPhone 6 at the release date, which should happen somewhere in October for the 4.7inch variant and in December for the 5.5inch variant.


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