Viber – How this Free Download Intends to Maintain Its Culture

Viber is among the most popular instant messaging services available on smartphones.

Not surprisingly, the service has been on a marketing spree trying to increase its user base all over the world. The developers have recently also hired a Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), in a bid to add more users to its already swelling user base. By the end of 2014, the company seeks to double its subscriber base. Driven by the ever increasing sale of smartphones all over the world, the company seeks to add to its user base and become the number one communication app in the world.

Latest Developments

Viber was just recently acquired by a Japanese company called Rakuten. The acquisition by this online shopping portal raised a lot of questions about what Viber’s future plans were. People began wondering whether Viber had plans to delve into the online shopping arena. However, in several recent interviews, Viber’s spokespersons claimed that they had no intention of changing any of their basic functions. Viber will still focus on its free calling services and generate revenue from its stickers and Viber Out services. Though it will work closely with other Rakuten services, it will not change any of its own basic services including voice calls, video calls and text messages.

Will Viber Opt for Advertising?

One pertinent question that many users ask is whether Viber will eventually opt for advertising to fuel its marketing campaigns. To this, Viber spokespersons say that Viber will continue to generate revenue from some of its paid services such as stickers and Viber Out. They would not advertise on the app, as it was never in their plans. Viber has never had annoying and distracting advertisements on its app, and they are not planning to start advertising on it anytime in the future. The sticker market and Viber Out have both been bringing in a lot of money for the app, so it has a good monetizing strategy. Since the stickers are usually priced very low, users are not hesitant to purchase them and make their text messages more interesting.

Viber against Other Similar Apps

Viber has faced very tough competition from other similar apps like Skype, Line and WeChat. However, Viber, being a totally exclusive app with lots of interesting features, has very high rates of acceptance. It has shown consistent growth over the years and the app still remains hugely popular despite the competition. A lot of new players have come in and used aggressive marketing, but they have still not been able to make any dents in Viber’s popularity among users.

How Is Viber Different?

A lot of apps are offering free instant messaging and voice calls through various apps. However, none of them is able to offer the usability and ergonomics that Viber offers. Viber is one of the most versatile apps and can be used on a range of platforms, including mobile phones, PCs and tablets. Only a few other apps can boast of such versatility.

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