Minecraft PS3 Gets Texture and Skin Packs with 1.06 Update

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Even though they did make Playstation fans wait for over a year before Minecraft PS3 got launched, the development studios 4J seem to be playing fair now.

They haven’t announced a Title Update 16 for the Xbox 360 console but the company has confirmed that PS3 will receive the 1.06 update once it is ready. They have also confirmed that the platform will receive a bunch of texture packs and skin packs. The news was confirmed in their official account where they reveal such information and it was tweeted a couple of days ago.

1.06 Is Coming Soon

The company also strongly confirmed that after having released the TU14 and TU15 for Xbox 360 besides the 1.04 and 1.05 updates for PS3, they will now strongly be focusing on the next gen versions. For a long time since the new console got launched, fans have been asking for a title that will make it worth their money. They want something addictive and engaging that could offer hours of gameplay. Earlier, an exclusive title Infamous Second Son got launched on the console and the open world sandbox game will definitely be an exciting title to own.

Release Date for Retail Version

It seems to be a great time for the Sony console owners because after a long wait, the publisher Mojang has confirmed they are set to release a retail version for Minecraft PS3. The company has earlier done the same with the Xbox 360 console and had witnessed enough sales which made them take up this path. The box art is exceptionally snazzy and will be a collector’s delight because people who love the game can now purchase it and show it off in their shelves. The huge storage size found on the Blueray disc seems to be a question here but if they could pack in a variety of special features in to it, then the purchase will become worthwhile. The pricing for the game is yet to be revealed but the publishers have confirmed that it will be launched in stores on May 16th. Once the older generation version of the game comes out, it will pave way for PS4 and PS Vita editions to get launched eventually.

So far, the Minecraft PS3 edition has received city texture pack, candy texture pack, beasts skin pack and an all-exclusive Sony characters skin pack. Players can be Sly Cooper or Nathan Drake from Uncharted when they make use of this skin pack. It is to be known because there is no news yet from 4J studios on the type of content that has been planned along with the 1.06 update. At the moment, the Candy Texture pack is all the rage which adds a delicious touch to the game. It changes the entire world into cookies, chocolates and candies. The pack is available to download for free but in order to save you creations you have to pay the $1 pack price. It requires 4.50 mb of free space to be installed and the studio has posted some screenshots of the same on Twitter.

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