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Know the latest free updates on Viber for your smartphone.

Viber, an instant messaging app, has launched the latest version of the application- Version 4.0 of its platform on iPhone and Android.

The new version 4.0 of Viber is an important update to the platform as it introduces two major features, a latest sticker market for downloading paid and free stickers and also an all-new Push-to-Talk feature for instant voice messaging.

The latest Viber version also extends support for Android tablets with a new user interface with more interactive and user-friendly approach.

The CEO of Viber, Talmon Marco explained that this latest version of the application is all about expressing the feelings in a more exciting and fun way. The new Sticker Market extends more than 1000 fun, unique, and expressive characters and most of those characters are designed, keeping the Asian users in mind. Also, Viber is one of the very first major messaging services, which add a Live Push-To-Talk feature that is streamed instantly between the users.

With this new feature of Push-to-Talk, users will be able to send shorter voice messages to others. Also, Viber is claiming that this new feature is way better when compared to similar features of the other messaging apps. It described the whole process and said that Push-To-Talk is a 4-step process where the user has to record, send, download, and later play the voice. Also, Viber says that it is quite capable of managing all the four processes at the same time suppressing the average response time to about 4-6 seconds from nearly 15 seconds.

However, this is not the first ever app to introduce this feature with a single touch as other instant messaging applications like WeChat and Voxer have also implemented the same thing in the past.

Going with the latest trend, Viber has also added plenty of stickers, which a user can exchange with the other Viber users. It also released a dedicated sticker market place called Viber Sticker Market from where users can access various stickers. The market features exclusive content associated to the holidays and events and from now on the store will be updated on regular basis.

The company also released Blu and Mayo, two new characters apart from the other latest characters. The new tablet-optimized Viber’s interface works quite similar to that of the desktop’s app version, bringing the mobile contacts of the user to the tablet and extending complete synchronization with the messages and calls on other devices too.

The Android version offers improved notifications for Android 4.0 and above and also provides the ability to use Viber messaging while being on a Viber call.

Along with the new updates, the latest version of the app offers other enhancements too like the ability to send messages to any contact or a group. Also, now it is easy to start new conversations from a gallery and also have group conversations with up to 100 participants.

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