Why Bethesda Is Silent About Fallout 4 Release Date?

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If someone is to give an award for the company that never made an announcement of such an important title, then Bethesda Softworks will bag it easily.

Despite numerous hoaxes and rumors that plagued fans in the name of Fallout 4, the company hardly budged and released any official information. All they have to say about the problem is that to not trust unofficial sources and wait for a confirmation from the publishers. Even though, this might sound like a legible thing that the company could do, it is not as simple as it sounds. When they have hardly talked anything about a potential game for the past three years, it is obvious that the player community would want to know more.

More Hoaxes

In their frenzy to read stuff and know whatever that is available related to the game, they throng towards hoaxes and rumor creators who build up every insane story possible. While there are so many of them on the web, the biggest hoax was designed and marketed by Survivor 2299 who is now out of the scene. He is now busy working on a mod for Fallout 3 instead which has been officially confirmed in his website. Another intentional leak revealed that the new game is set in Boston and Bethesda indirectly promoted the game one more time during the latest gaming event Pax. The soft plush toys of the lead mascot of the Fallout games became a hot seller in the fair because fans were eager to get hold of whatever that is available related to the series.

The company representative earlier clarified that Bethesda Softworks is so silent on Fallout 4 updates is because they are finalizing ideas to be shared. The team is yet to come up with an impressive concept that will be worthy of the franchise before game development begins. If these are the words to go by, then you should be aware that it might take even after two years or so to finish development. By any chance, if they are already in the cycle then the release date could be any time in 2014 or at least by next year in 2015. Such is the scenario at the moment which is not so bright for this game that has been one of the most speculated titles of all time.

Bethesda Should Announce or Cancel

If the developers are going to spend more time without any announcement, then it will easily get second place right next to Half Life 3, the game that is well known for its never-ending release. Fans of Half Life make jokes on the internet about how eternity will come to an end but there will never be an announcement by Valve regarding the game. The ardent fans who just can’t say no to Fallout 4 wish that it doesn’t become a myth and should get released as an actual title at the earliest! Let’s just hope the company breaks their silence during the E3 2014 conference in June.

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