Minecraft PS3 Awaits 1.05 Update with Multiple Bug Fixes

For all ardent gamers who have already started enjoying their new 1.04 patch released for Minecraft PS3 edition, the developers have more good news to share.

The team is definitely busy but despite the only one handling porting for all platforms except PC, they manage to focus on the older generation consoles as well. The 1.04 update is long due and players were expecting it to be launched since a long time. A couple of weeks ago, the studios revealed that they might need another couple of weeks to develop and release the update but instead they brought it out within two weeks. It’s definitely short and came as a surprise offering for the entire player community. But, as with any update that gets released for a game, it had some bugs that required immediate attention.

4J Submits 1.05 to Sony

Players posted those issues online which 4J started taking note of and they even created a dedicated link that allowed everyone to post the bugs. After collecting all those bugs that required a fix, the team developed the 1.05 patch update which purely comprised of fixes and it has now been officially submitted to Sony for certificate testing. Once the process is over, most probably in a week’s time, the update will be rolled out for Minecraft PS3 version that players can download and update immediately. Apart from this patch, the team has confirmed in their twitter conversation that they have plenty more up their sleeve. For now, they confirmed that one more update, probably the 1.06 has already been scheduled and will be released once it is ready for official certificate testing.

More Skin Packs?

Compared to the time Sony took to test and approve 1.04 update, it is expected that the time will be considerably less because it is not a feature but only a bug fixing patch which has over 15 issues to be fixed. The 1.05 patch update is expected to start rolling out to Minecraft PS3 players next week but there is still no news on whether there will be more skin or texture packs to look forward to. 4J Studios have already got four different packs including the one that will bring exclusive Sony characters to Minecraft ready.

There is also the city texture pack that allows players to create corporate constructions and the plastic texture pack that would simply make everything look like plastic. Till now, Sony didn’t make any official announcements related to the next gen PS4 version of the game, but Mojang had made it clear on their blog that the game is indeed under development. But, they also added that the company will be ready to share news only when there are updates to share with and till then players will have to wait patiently. A similar statement was made by 4J Studios as well in their official Twitter blog. The company said that there are still lots more to do but they are getting there in completing the game for the new generation of console which includes Minecraft PS4 and an Xbox One edition.

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