Chrome Remote Desktop – Setup on Android and PC & Download Methods

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Chrome has been one of the most complex and highly-appreciated web browsers, providing an excelling experience to both PC and Android users.

Google has recently added a new office application to Chrome Web Store and Chrome Remote Desktop, which allows you to access other computers, also allowing other users to access your computer securely over the Internet with your consent, of course. If you are interested in using this application on either your PC or Android device, this material will help you find the most reliable download source and install it properly.

How to Setup Chrome Remote Desktop on PC?

Setting up the application on your PC or laptop is generally easy, requiring you to have the latest version of Google Chrome web browser to your computer. Run the browser, download the application from the Chrome Web Store and install it to your computer and on any other machine that you want to access over the Internet. Once the application is fully installed to both devices, you will have to grant it permission to access your computer ñ be sure to be logged in your Google account before hand; click Continue, then Allow Access.

Note that Chrome Remote Desktop can be used in two ways to access other computers, or to allow others to access your computer. To get started with the application, click Get Started and then Enable remote connections. At this point, you will be asked to insert a PIN to protect your computer enter a code that has at least six digits, then click OK. You will also have to insert the PIN in the User Account Control dialog box that will appear; once you are done, click Confirm, followed by OK.

You can even choose to change your computer’s name in the available devices list. Once you are prepared to access other computer, click its name in the available devices list, insert the PIN that you have set up, and confirm.

How to Setup Chrome Remote Desktop on Android?

Setting up Chrome Remote Desktop on Android is just as simple as if you were to install it on your PC or laptop. Once you download the application on your Android device, you only have to install it (which should not take more than a few seconds), and then run it. By installing Chrome Remote Desktop on your Android device, you will be able to access your computer any time you want. However, you have to install the app on the destination computer, too, and set a PIN that will be later used to access it via your Android device. Once you have installed the app on your computer as described above, simply run the application on your Android device, enter the PIN, and access will be instantaneously granted to you.

Download Methods

In terms of downloading Chrome Remote Desktop, there are several options that you can choose from. To get the application on your computer, you only have to access the Chrome Web Store from your Chrome web browser and download the app by clicking Add to Chrome.

To download it on your Android device, you have two possible option. First, you can choose to download it from Google Play Store, which will allow you to use it without the Chrome web browser. The second option involves accessing the Chrome Web Store on your Android Chrome browser and clicking “Add to Chrome,” as we have described a couple of lines above.

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