Angry Birds Free Download – Galactic Giveaway Update for Star Wars II

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Fans of Angry Birds have a lot to celebrate. Rovio, the game’s developer, keeps coming up with new and interesting versions of the game.

Previously, they had the tropical Angry Birds Rio, then Angry Birds Go, and last September, they released the Angry Birds Star Wars II game, a natural treat for those who love the Star Wars franchise. This game is a sequel to the Angry Birds Star Wars game, which was already very popular with people all over the world. The game has been inspired by prequels to the Star Wars movie. You can use the force for doing better. Or, you can be evil and join the ‘Pork Side’, a play on the words ‘ dark side’.

Galactic Giveaway Update

The latest update for the Angry Birds Stars Wars II is spectacular, partly because it kicks off the Galactic Giveaway – a spectacular patch that challenges you to play through the game and find 1,000 hidden coins, which can be used in the game’s shop. You may not be able to find the entire batch of coins while you are playing through the game. However, whatever you may be able to find, you will be able to use in the shop. In the game, you can wait for the carbonite to melt. Once the carbonite has melted away completely, you can win a new character. You can get anyone from 8 limited edition characters. These are Lando Bird, Jabba the Hutt, a red clone trooper, Han Solo, Royal Crimson Guard, Wicket the Ewok, Jedi Knight Kit Fisto and Tusken Raider. You will also be able to get support in new languages, taking the language count to seven. The languages available are English, Japanese, French, German, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese.

Playable Characters in the Game

The game has many characters from the famous Star Wars Franchise. You have Anakin Skywalker, Podracer, Jedi Padawan, Sith Apprentice, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Padmé Amidala, Qui-Gon Jinn, Mace Windu, Yoda, Captain Panaka, Droideka, Battle Droid in both gold and red, Shadowtrooper, Zam Wesell, Count Dooku, Darth Sidious/Emperor Palpatine and Shocktrooper. All of these characters add to the whimsical game and make it much more interesting, especially to the diehard fans of the famous series. This is not only a clever marketing strategy for the game, but also a very genuinely flattering tribute to the series itself.


Some of the Angry Birds are colored brown to show them as the real life African American actors who portrayed the respective roles on screen. This is the first version of Angry Birds in which the birds and the pigs combat with each other directly. This is also the first Angry Birds game in which the original game character designs are not used. The new characters do have the same base, but they look different from their usual selves. Red is not the first playable bird in this game – this is the first time this kind of a sequence has been followed. In this game too, enemy pigs or the birds can be killed off by tapping on them while on the selection screen. You can play as any of the characters in the original even though it does not make sense and is not amenable to the story’s continuity.

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