Clash of Clans – Tips and Tricks for Saving Resources

1. Upgrade your troops

Upgraded troops will cost you more elixirs. However, there is a small glitch you can use in order to save a few elixirs. Right before you finish upgrading a troop type, you can train them and save some elixirs. For example, you have Tier 1 Archers and the upgrade for Tier 2 archers is almost done. Fill your camps with Tier 1 Archers and as soon as the Tier 2 Archers are available, they will automatically be “upgraded” to Tier 2 Archers without costing you extra elixirs.

2. Defend your storages

You will want to save your gold and elixir storages as much as you can. Try putting mines, collectors and drillers outside of the village. Put your gold and elixir storages in the safest spot of your village.

3. Put your defensive buildings in the right spot

Keep in mind that mortars and cannons can’t shoot air targets. So, if someone is attacking you with balloons, your mortars and cannons will be destroyed with ease. So, in order to protect these two defensive buildings, you will have to put some Wizard Towers or Archer Towers near them.

4. Destroy Wall Breakers

We all hate wall breakers. These nasty troops will go for your walls and destroy them fast. You want to have Archer Towers in the range of your walls, since these buildings can bring them down fast.

5. How to deal with Giants

Likewise wall breakers, Archer Towers are very effective against Giants also. You will want to use spring traps in some weak points, hopefully some giants will pass on it and they will be thrown away from your village. Bombs are not so effective against Giants.


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