GTA 5 1.12 Update Gives Unlimited Money, Next Gen Spotted

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Ever since the new generation consoles got released, fans have been asking Rockstar to bring GTA V to PS4 and Xbox One platforms besides a PC version.

It seems there is a possibility that their wishes could come true because a popular retailer known for their accurate leaks have listed the game for the next gen console on their website. In the past, the Romanian retailer Altex has reported versions of the game and new releases even before the news was officially confirmed by the publishers. Going by their history, it can be assumed that as the retailer hasn’t gone wrong in most scenarios, a Grand Theft Auto is heading soon to the consoles and even a PC version could be in the making.

Next Gen Version

Apart from listing the game as a pre-order copy and scheduling a release of June 15th for the PS4 and Xbox One version, the retailer has also put up pictures of the boxes that show a new gen version of the game. While some fans might say this could be just another elaborate marketing stunt by a retailer, it is to be noted that Altex was the website which revealed the Jack Daw edition of Assassin’s Creed Black Flag. The news was tightly under wraps and the retailer managed to list a sales price along with a release date for this special edition even before Ubisoft made the announcement official. This is proof positive that maybe the retailer has an inside source and manages to reveal information in a timely manner.

If it is true, then it’s only two months to go before GTA V hits the consoles. It was earlier speculated that a PC version of the game is slated to launch along with the PS4 and Xbox One versions but there is no confirmed news on the same so far. The pricing of the listed game is at $95 but as the older version of the title is $60, it is yet to be known whether it is a special edition that Rockstar hasn’t revealed so far. The retailer has successfully revealed multiple new releases before the official launch which is why the news has gained credibility but you can’t be sure until the publisher makes a statement.

Unlimited Money But For How Long?

Meanwhile, the 1.12 patch released by the developer has resulted in a glitch that allows players to amass unlimited money. They will be able to buy a whole lot of stuff in the game using the money they gain but it can only be acquired using certain methods. The internet is flooded with information on ways to gain more money by exploiting this glitch but if you are an ardent player, you might have known that Rockstar will definitely penalize those who use illegal methods even if it is only a glitch. It is wise to not make use of it and continue playing the game to become rich the usual way by completing missions. A patch is expected to roll out which will fix this glitch as well as other bugs that has been spoiling the game-play experience.

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