Top 5 Clash of Clans Secrets You Must Know

If you play Clash of Clans, as most of you may already be doing, you will know that this game is one that simply does not allow you to put your phone down.

It keeps you coming back for more, and brings in emotions that you didn’t know existed. If that is how you feel about this game, perhaps it is time for you to know some of the best-kept secrets of this game. Here’s what you must know about this game to always keep on top.

Take Revenge as Much as You Can

When you begin with the game, you should certainly find out that there are a lot of people who would like to attack you and raid your village. It is all a part of the game – nothing personal really. However, when someone attacks you, the game gives you an opportunity to get even. You can take your revenge on the people who destroyed your village and cost you your dearly collected resources. All you really have to do is click on the revenge button and avenge your village. You will be able to loot some bounty as well. If the player’s shield is on, wait for it to go down and then attack again. Do not let the chance of revenge go away.

Bank your Elixir in the Safest Possible Way

There is a very simple way for you to bank your elixir and save it from the plunderers who will attack you to no end. The best and safest way to do this is to queue up additional troops in your barracks and keep the queues full always. This way, your elixir will not be available for loot, and you can cancel the troops anytime to get your elixir back into your bank without any penalties. You can protect a lot of your precious elixir in this manner and those who are attacking you will have to head home red faced and empty handed.

You Can Drop Some Trophies if You Want

When you keep playing the game for too long, you will reach a point where you are playing with seasoned veterans only. In battlefields, you will be matched with someone of even strength and sometimes that is no fun. If you feel that the competition is too tough and you are losing way too much, you can just lost a few games and ditch some of your trophies. Of course, this will cost you some time and troops, but you will be able to farm other meeker players more rigorously, which makes it even. Just try to have your hero in place. If you have at least one hero in your village, you will be able to drop your trophies without having to sacrifice your troops, time, and elixir. Just start a match with a player and drop your hero into it. Before your hero can take any damage, quit the match. Once the match is finished, some of your trophies will drop automatically, but your hero will be safe and sound.

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