Google Talk – Unified with Other Google Services on Android 5

If you are someone who enjoys using new technology then the launch of the Android 5 is going to be very exciting indeed, without any doubt.

Google has decided to wait for the change as it could very well unify its services such as Google Talk, Voice, Hangouts etc, and in doing so has saved some of its changes for the big launch, as using our Android phones will be altered in a big way with the introduction of Ice Cream Sandwich and Honeycomb.

Android Kitkat Revealed

Staying on the sweet theme, Android 4.4 KitKat revealed by Google as their minor update, enabled a clear path for Android 5, which was back in October 2013. However, since then the code name, which seems to be staying on the dessert theme is a guess that no one seems to be able to answer, all anyone knows is that it begins with L.

As with any rumor the official answer to the name of the powered update beginning with L is one that will eventually be uncovered so until such time all anyone can do is comb the web and wait with baited breath.

Expected Android Release Date

The release date for the Android 5.0 expected to happen in October 2013 did not happen, thus making way for the release of Android 4.4, which no one was expecting. This meant that instead of the launch of Android 5.0 happening last year, the time of its launch has moved possibly to the middle of 2014 instead. Therefore, this has led many people into believe that the Android 5.0 will be unveiled at the Google IO developer conference, which Google holds annually in San Francisco.

Now back in 2013 at the Google IO people believed that they would be seeing the launch of Android 5.0 in 2014 as it would have been another year on. Just the same as when Google had announced the launching of the Jelly Bean Android 4.1, which took place at Google’s IO conference back in 2012, given that all of the previous announcements have been made each year this now means that everyone is desperate to know what the next process of the code is going to be.

The new head of Android at Google stated that Google IO in 2013 ‘did not see many launches because they did not really have anything to launch, which included operating systems or new products’. However, after hearing this news many people will now begin to wonder when the new software will be unveiled.

Google Could End Up Disappointing Many of its Users

The launching of KitKat showed off Android 5, which now means that Google cannot take too long in launching Android 5, therefore a maximum of 6-7 months is all the time that Google really has in order to unveil the new operating system. Therefore, due to the Android 5 launch not happening when expected, many people will now assume that it will be something very special and if Google do not manage to fulfill their expectations and more the disappointment is going to be on a very large scale.

Which Device Will Be the First to Run Android 5?

People believe that the Nexus tablet or phone will be the first device to run Android 5, and with the announcement and its timing, the latter is the one that is everyone’s favorite, especially as Google is looking to release the Nexus 10 for 2014, which will be appearing soon. In addition to the new OS tablet launch, it seems even more likely to happen.

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