Viber – Find Out How Life is Much Easier after You Download This Free App

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Can you imagine a life without having access to your gadgets, without the Internet, without computers?

You probably can’t. And that’s because we have grown so accustomed to these things that they have become important parts of our everyday lives. We use them for work, at home, and for leisure. And just like those above mentioned, another thing that has become quite an important part of our daily routine is the mobile application called Viber. This widely popular application has become such a common alternative to phone messaging and calling services that you will see it in practically every mobile device that is being used today. Available to be downloaded for free on every smartphone and tablet device, it is even becoming more popular among mobile users. But aside from the basic things that you already probably know about Viber, it does have some very useful features that will help you make everyday tasks and activities a lot more convenient and easier.

Send Your Pictures via Viber, and While You’re at It, Caption Them Too!

It’s not always that you will find an application that will enable you to send captioned photos to friends and loved ones. But Viber makes that possible, and it is very easy to do too!

If you find photos on your phone that you think your contacts will appreciate to see, input some words that will add to the value of the photo and help people remember the moment better through it. Through Viber you can send as many photos as you want, and that free of charge. You will also be able to send good quality photos, so you can make sure that the people who are going to receive them will get high quality copies.

“Show, Don’t Tell”

Have you ever encountered this truism? Some people say that in order for you to better get across what you want to say, show it, don’t tell it. Well, this is not exactly a rule (in writing, that is). Some people consider this a preference. There are certainly occasions when this will be a lot more effective. But there are also those that really entail the “telling”.

But whatever the case may be, when it comes to chatting with friends or sending text or instant messages, it’s a lot better and a lot more fun to do some “showing” too. With Viber, you can do exactly that and more. It has recently given users access to a huge suite of different kinds of emoticons and animated stickers that will express clearly how you feel or what you are doing. Sometimes, one emoticon is enough to say something that will take a few words. Plus, stickers and emoticons make conversation threads look a lot more colorful and lively. You can choose what kinds of stickers you want to use, so you will have plenty of opportunity to express yourself however you want to.

Make Calls to Mobile Phones via Viber

For you to be able to make a call to a contact, he or she also has to be online on Viber at the same time as you. There can be many different reasons why this can sometimes not be. Maybe the Wi-Fi where your friend is not as stable as you would like or maybe the person just does not have a Viber account (yet). You can still contact him or her through Viber if you want to through the Viber Out option.

This feature enables users to make calls outside of Viber, hence the name. This, however, can only be used for a very reasonable charge. Calls outside of Viber are charged by the minute. It’s a great option to have ready, just in case you need it someday.

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