Free Antivirus Download – Making an Informed Choice

Not all of us are willing to pay for antivirus program or software, because many of us are reluctant to keep paying for something that needs to be upgraded year after year or more frequently, with companies claiming that this is a must to safeguard your device.

For a normal or average user who just browses around Google or the Social networking sites, a free Antivirus download should be more than sufficient.

There are two options that you could select from, when you have decided on free antivirus software to protect your computer. All major developers who offer paid software protection, also offer a free 30-day trial of their product. You can use these for getting good protection for a month. In addition, all the high-end producers of antivirus programs also offer basic freeware through their sites. You can download any of these as well.


This software program offers an unparalleled service and it is free to download as well. You can get protection from spyware and malware as well as viruses and any other suspicious file. The Auto Sandbox technology is one that has been trademarked by the company and it offers an environment where it is possible to run any malicious program that you think has the potential to harm the system. It is, thus, capable of isolating all kinds of malware and protects your computer totally, offering the best free basic protection.


If you just want a basic level of protection for your computer from viruses and other threats from the Internet, you can also opt for the free AVG software. The software, in addition, also offers protection against viruses found in social networking sites and this feature is available only in AVG. The LinkScanner technology is unique to AVG and it has the capability of scanning every webpage, even before the user visits the site page, so that it can be enabled to decide whether the page is safe or not.


Avira offers the Antivirus program as a free download and gives you basic protection for all common threats and viruses. Yet, it has to be remembered that it offers only a common or basic protection and if your computer gets infected with other types of malware, such as worms or Trojans or even dialers, it will not be effective.

Lacking in Features

However, Free software apps may not be as good as the paid ones in case you need more effective protection. In fact, some of the free ones that are not good enough can also result in creating damage to your computer. In addition, many of the free software are also lacking in features. They are not able to scan your emails or your chats and so on to check out the presence of viruses. Though some of them may claim that they will automatically search your drives, you may need to manually do this, whereas this problem is not present in paid software. Free antivirus is usually merely a basic or simplified version of a more sophisticated or feature rich software. Companies usually ask customers to make a trial with the basic free one and then ask them to upgrade it by using pop ups and emails or advertisements.

Beware of Scams

In addition to the lack of features, there are also other risks that you should be aware of in case of a free antivirus program. Not all of them are basic or dumbed down versions of a paid product. Some might even be attempts to hack your computer or may be a scam. These appear in the form of advertisements all over the Internet. They will suggest that your computer is infected and needs cleaning and ask the users to download a free program for doing so. If you download it, it can infect your system with a virus and make it slow, urging you to go in for an upgraded version of the antivirus program and so on.

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