Flappy Bird Free Download – Obscurity, Fame and Demise

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Flappy Bird has been a top free game application in the App stores for the iOS as well as in the Play store for Android.

It is a side scrolling game that first debuted on the iOS in May 2013. It was created by a Vietnamese developer named Nguyen and the game revolved a simple theme of navigating a bird through several gaps present in between pipe like obstacles, merely by tapping the screen and making the bird fly up and down. The free game became addictive and the player is challenged to get a high score, with no lives or any purchases made in the application.


The game was not very popular to begin with in the App store till January 2014. But soon after, it started becoming more popular in the Google Play Store with the developer being able to rake in $50,000 through in application advertisements on a daily basis. In fact, the game was also supposed to be launched for the Windows platform in February 4th 2014 and the developer had claimed that Microsoft would most probably offer approval within a matter of days.


The game had its fair share of controversy, with many critics stating that the graphics were crude and the banner ads were placed poorly. They also accused the developer of artwork thieving from Super Mario Bros, a game from Nintendo, all of which led to a controversial success.

Flappy Bird Gone

As of February 9th, 2014, Flappy Bird is gone and there is no proper explanation why this free game was pulled out of the play stores. The creator claims that the game was too addictive. According to Dong Nguyen, the developer, the game had been designed for playing for a few minutes just for the purpose of relaxing. However, users got so hooked on to it that it became very addictive and led to problems. Hence, it was decided to take down the game from the Play stores. His decision to axe the game came from his lack of sleep caused due to the game. He felt his life was not as comfortable; these being the sentiments that Dong Nguyen had shared with followers on Twitter, leading to the removal of the game.

Access Flappy Bird

If you are still dying to play this addictive game, you have a few options, such as getting it from some pirated sites. There are also many other games similar to Flappy Bird, which you can download for free or downloading other games created by Dong Nguyen. There are also many users of mobile phones who have put them up for sale at Amazon with these devices having preloaded the game application.

The developer was lambasted for creating something that had become so popular. There were death threats, suicide threats and also harassment from the press, all of which led the developer to remove it from the PlayStore, as he could not take it any more.

A Mystery

The most compelling part of the story of Flappy Bird is that the entire story is so mysterious. There seems to be no plausible reason for axing the game at the height of its popularity. In fact, it was predicted that Flappy Bird would become the next gaming sensation for mobile devices and there is no proper explanation for its success or addiction either.

Flappy Jam – Retaliation

In response to this controversy surrounding Flappy Bird, another developer has created a game called Flappy Jam, which is also on the same lines and is insanely difficult to play and almost unplayable. According to the Flappy Jam site, hate should not be allowed to win. Flappy Bird had seemingly destroyed Dong Nguyen’s simple life and the Flappy Jam is surely a nice gesture showing support for a developer and the new developers of this game Flappy Jam must surely have only positive intentions. So, if you are a fan of Flappy Bird and really miss playing it, you could give Flappy Jam a try.

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