Adobe Flash Player 12 – The Feature Rich Free Download

Adobe’s Flash Player is a necessity if you want to have a high quality online video streaming experience.

The technology giant keeps adding new updates and releases them to the public. You can choose to stick to the older versions, but they quickly become obsolete. However, some of the stable older versions of the Flash Player have ushered in unbeatable technology, and therefore they are worth mentioning. Here’s what the Adobe Flash Player 12 brought with it.

Accelerated Graphics Rendering with Stage 3D

With a set of low level APIs, the newest architecture in accelerated graphics rendering, Stage 3D is the latest in improving your gaming and viewing experience. This hardware accelerator provides rendering capabilities for both 2D and 3D rendering and the Flash Player 12 allows it to be streamed across multiple devices, including your mobile phones, desktops and TVs. Using this Flash Player version, framework and app developers could, for the first time, access high performance GPU acceleration for their hardware. This made your gaming and viewing experiences richer and more interactive.

Content Protection Support for Mobile

This is the first time, Flash Player introduced a built in capability for content protection support for Android powered devices. In addition to Android, content protection was now being offered in tablets as well. A surprise was that Adobe made this compatibility available for Blackberry’s OS as well. However, iOS support was released much later. The content protection features some key support areas including key rotation support, domain support, device filtering and V3 license chaining.

Better Software Encoding for Desktop Cameras

To enable the users to stream high quality videos from their computer’s cameras, Adobe included better software encoding in their Flash Player 12. The industry standard support and higher compression efficiency improved the video chat and conferencing experiences. There were significant quality improvements in live video broadcasting and video chats as well. So basically, this enhances your Skype and FaceTime experience as well.

Enhanced Bitmap Support

In all the earlier versions of the software, BitmapData objects were limited to a maximum 16 MP resolution. With Flash Player 12, these limitations have been removed. The width and height of Bitmap objects are no longer limited and the megapixel resolution has also changed.

Garbage Collection

Adobe has further smoothened user experiences by providing relevant hints and advice on scheduling optimal garbage collection. When done while coding for the apps and framework, this can help create more responsive user experiences. Adobe has also offered a random number generation for building more secure protocols and algorithms. To keep this secure, the random number generation is cryptographic and hence completely random as well as secure.

Native 64 Bit Support

Flash Player now offers native support for 64 bit web browsers and operating systems for Linux, OSX and Windows. It also improves app responsiveness by using asynchronous Bitmap decoding so that images are only cached as needed and not as default. This also makes the animation much smoother than ever before.

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